21st century can easily be classified as the social century. Social selling as merged as the new and effective trend of this day and age. Social selling is basically when the sales team of any organization uses social media to interact directly with their prospective clients. It becomes a more direct one-to-one form of communication.

Social media being a vast ocean of personal information, sellers can easily get access to it all and easily chalk out the buyer persona. In turn Salespeople provide value by answering prospect questions and offering thoughtful content until the prospect is ready to buy.

3 Easy Sales tips to give you a jump start to any Social Selling Strategy –

  1. Put social Strategy in planning process – A background study about the buyer or his hobbies and interest would be the best possible way to go about as far as social selling is concerned. Social media gives a lot of information about an individual if that can be channelized in the right direction, it becomes of great help to any organization.
  2. Use social media to get introduced – the first impression is often the most impactful, so getting it right at the first go is the strategy for most organizations. Using social media for the first introduction has proved to be an effective green signal. A Customer-centric social media approach helps in providing a comfortable and convenient way.
  3. Keep in touch through Social – We often tend to forget our old, valuable customer in the race to acquire more customers. While numbers do matter in the bigger picture but losing touch with old ones is a not a good sign. Even simple casual conversations are a method of building a deeper connects that can pay off in the long run.

Even while keeping all these steps in mind, one important step is to increase visibility of your brand on social platforms. Your brand should be easy to locate and present multiple times to create a brand recall.

Thus, with the use of social media you can connect to multiple numbers of people and also stay in touch with your existing database. Social selling has transformed itself and became the cold calling of the new age helping. With the help of social selling organizations are converting individuals or business into loyal customers.

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