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VSynergize helps Chicago based Law Firm go digital with data management

VSynergize helps Chicago based Law Firm go digital with data management

About The Client

The Client is a law firm with more than 30 years in business and their founders are widely recognized as being among the nation’s leading civil rights attorneys because of their accomplishments as trial attorneys, having won multiple jury verdicts of more than $1 million. The Client is based in Chicago, IL, USA.


  • Compliance and standard requirements, as the data dealt were secure and high value information.
  • A digital system was required at the Client’s end because the data was kept in a secure, isolated place.
  • The data was federal and sensitive, that is why VSO provided experienced solution On-Shore as well. Six sigma implementation on the overall process execution.

Goal Of The Client

To get important and secure law related information digitized. The client wanted a systematic hi tech solution of data flow, analysis and organized system on a gamut of data.


  • Huge amount of secure data (more than a million documents).
  • Need of a small turnaround time to get back into the flow.
  • Need of experienced team.
  • Requirement of good technology to build a ‘system’.
  • Good infrastructure.
  • High tech systems.

Solution By Vsynergize Outsouring

  • VSO provided more than 99.8% accuracy.
  • VSO catered the process with dual screen monitors for detailed output.
  • Highly productive people were specifically placed.
  • VSO prepared ‘software driven system’ for the benefit of the Client.
  • Best in class manpower with high skilled and professionals.
  • Provided best in class ‘secure system’ for secure data work.
  • VSO provided ON-shore services at the Client’s end where the data was scanned and stored in a secure place.
  • VSO understood the value of the information and provided the Clients with the best in class isolated and secure solution.

Benefits To The Client

  • VSO assisted the Client with getting all the documents digitized well before the hearing date.
  • More than 1.4 million data was captured and fed into the ‘software system’.
  • Best turnaround time was provided to the client.
  • VSO helped the client focus on their core competency.
  • This reduced the hassle of hiring extra manpower.
  • There was a cost reduction of more than 50% for the Client with VSO’s assistance.

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