Live Transfers are beginning to take over online leads. Marketers are making provisions in their marketing budgets and initiatives towards live transfers. They want to be able to answer the phone and understand their close ratios, buy live transfers and have consistent stable customer acquisition costs.

On the other hand with online leads, the strategies require considerable resource of time and money. The ROI results vary because of the variables involved which can impact the performance of a marketing program. While there is no doubt that this tool can be successful in increasing a customer base and boosting sales program, it is important for marketers to know that online leads are not their only option when it comes to entering into the lead generation space.

When you outsource a live transfer leads campaign, your sales team can expect an influx of inbound calls of customers that who are qualified, interested, and have already begun the conversation about your product or solution. That’s the time to capitalize on their previously established interest.

Live transfer leads are immediate

You need to catch your leads when they are hot. Live transfer leads is exactly what you need. The leads are immediately transferred yo tour business sales team when the customer is actively looking for your product or service and that’s how you can immediately convert an instant sale.

Live transfer leads are qualified leads

The USP of a live transfer lead is being a qualified lead. Every lead goes through a qualification process before reaching your sales team. These leads willingly want to connect with your sales team and are ready and open to discussing how your organization can help them to address their needs.

Live transfer leads give guaranteed contact

While online leads involve your sales team to follow up with a prospect to connect with them, and only if agreed upon there is a possibility of a further discussion. None of this is an issue with live transfer leads because it gives you guaranteed contact with your customer.

Live transfer leads are a time saviour

Your sales and marketing are already burdened with their ongoing daily tasks which hampers them from sourcing high quality qualified leads. With live transfer leads, you can free up your team’s time and let them focus on other activities aimed at boosting sales and revenue.

Live transfer leads makes the sales cycle quicker

In a normal situation, your sales team would need to follow up many times with a lead, connect with them and then make a sales pitch to them regarding your product or service. The entire process may take several days or weeks which will include a series of back and forth communication. In the case live transfer leads, you know there is a person present at another end for you to talk about sales of your product or service, making the sales conversion a lot more quicker.

Live transfer leads gives you a better conversion rate

Running a live transfer leads campaign that allows better communication between your sales team and prospects will make your sales operation more successful and boost your pipeline. An efficient and streamlined process will translate in an increase in conversions and a positive impact on sales.

While these are solid reasons why your company should drive a live transfer leads campaign, VSynergize would be happy to guide you with the best approach for generating leads and boosting your sales figures. We can get you started within 48 hrs and you can expect an influx of phone rings. Contact us today via email at or call on +1-732-481-9424.

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