The heavily regulated U.S electricity industry is undergoing a major transformation since 1990’s. Almost half of the states have deregulated their electricity markets by passing some legislation or regulations in an attempt to restructure their electric power industry. The deregulation has ended largest government sanctioned monopoly over electricity market and opened it to the competition, giving consumers the power to purchase their energy supply from an Energy Services Company (ESCO) of their choice.

With a total number of about 500-1000 ESCOs today achieving an annual turnover estimated at about US$5 billion. The magnitude of competition is so enormous that Energy Services Company (ESCO)’s are investing major chunk of their capital in carrying out research and innovations in service portfolio to lure the customers; hiring and retaining aggressive cum skilled sales force to ensure steady flow of revenue through new customer wins; and more importantly managing an efficient customer service department to strengthen relationships with its customers helping in longer retention period.

Many ESCO’s have identified process outsourcing as a better option to save some dollars by outsourcing some of the business processes like recruitment, sales and customer services to highly specialized BPO service providers while staying competitive.  Besides being cost-effective, these BPO service providers are well equipped with latest technology, state-of-art infrastructure, skilled and well trained team of professionals and generally provide services round the clock, across the globe. Major players in Retail Energy from United States have seen significant savings (up to 40% of the total cost) by opting for outsourcing mix.

Vsynergize Outsourcing (VSO), one of the leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service provider headquartered in Boston, MA with its operation centre in India, provides range of services to Energy Service Companies (ESCO’s) which includes lead and sales generation in B2B and B2C segment (energy lead generation) and 24*7 customer support. Vsynergize is currently retained by 8 major ESCO’s for different services. Where most of the new business is coming through referrals adds Trish Agarwal, VP Business Development with vsynergize. For more details  Call Us at +1-732-481-9424 or fill a form for instant quotation.

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