B2B marketing automation is a buzzword these days. Companies from across the business spectrum are giving importance towards it and executives are talking about it. According to one prominent survey, it is found that over 90% of companies have shown trust in marketing automation.

But why such a craze about marketing automation and why is it considered as a game changer for B2B enterprises. Let’s explore this thing in detail through this blog.

What is B2B Marketing Automation?

B2B Marketing Automation is a simplified and efficient way to automate repetitive tasks that happen in the B2B industry in large volumes. Usage of marketing automation for B2B helps enterprises to streamline tasks through workflow and triggers. Various B2B marketing automation platforms are also used to serve this purpose.

Benefits of Implementing Marketing Automation for B2B

  1. Increases employees’ productivity
  2. Enhances work efficiency
  3. Reduces chances of errors
  4. Boosts marketing outcomes
  5. Saves time, money, and energy
  6. Helps in better targeting and personalization
  7. Assists in generating quality leads in lesser time
  8. Improves marketing & sales alignment
  9. Gives employees enough bandwidth to be more creative
  10. Creates better customer experience

B2B Marketing Automation Examples

There are various ways through which you can enable marketing automation for B2B and get impactful results. Here we present you popular B2B marketing automation examples to understand its far-reaching and diverse business applications.

There are various business functionalities where marketing automation can help. Here we are going to explain marketing automation examples in that way.

1. Lead Nurturing

In B2B, a buyer needs to understand a product/service in great detail before making a buying decision. Right education and awareness about a brand is a must to build solid trust. Enabling marketing automation for B2B helps organizations to send the right content at the right time without any human intervention. For example, you can automatically send a Whitepaper/E-book/Case Study, once a prospect fills your form on the landing page.

2. Lead Scoring

B2B sales cycles are lengthy and complex. Which leads are hot is a popular conundrum in B2B marketing. With lead scoring you can solve this puzzle. But manually doing this is time consuming and prone to errors.

Automated lead scoring workflow powered with B2B marketing automation platforms assists organizations to track the online activities of users and helps assign points based on their engagement levels.

For example, if someone visits the home page – assign 10 points, if someone downloads a case study – give 15 points, and if someone asks for a demo – assign 20 points, etc. Moreover, B2B marketing automation software clubs all individual scores to help you know which leads are ready for sales.

3. Automated Chat

AI-powered chats are the most preferred medium of communication that also helps organizations to generate leads. Enabling marketing automation for B2B chats gives immense power like

  • 24/7/365 live chat support
  • Creating better customer experience with instant messaging all the times
  • Asking right questions and delivering right answers based on intent in real-time
  • Driving to right resources/teams for further lead nurturing
  • Providing content based on user requirements
  • Capturing user information by offering something (like free demo, newsletter, etc.)

4. Email Automation

Whether it is about sending a welcome message, invoice, new offer details, new product launch details, abandoned cart emails, feedback requests, surveys, newsletters, and more, you can do it on a click. What you need is a powerful B2B marketing automation software like Mailchimp, GMass, or any other to automate your email marketing related actions.

5. Social Media Automation

You can do various things with the effective usages of marketing automation for B2B social media work. For example: Schedule posts

  • Send tweets when audience levels peak
  • Send automatic response to customers’ queries, questions or complaints
  • Analyze real time metrics to gauge the effectiveness of campaigns
  • Publish content over various social media platforms
  • Run Ads in an automated mode

6. Segmentation

Based on the engagement level of users, marketing automation for B2B helps organizations to segregate users. Depending upon web page visits, email engagement, downloads, and other historic data, B2B marketing automation software enables marketers to update their contact list and CRM.

It helps in better email segmentation that ultimately helps in curating personalized messaging for greater engagement. Thus marketing automation for B2B acts as a great medium to do excellent customer profiling.

7. Marketing Analytics Automation

Unless you track the data of your marketing campaigns, it is hard to analyze whether things are working in your favor or not. Enabling marketing automation for B2B work helps enterprises to get built-in reporting capabilities where marketers can get detailed analysis of each campaign.

From post reach, impressions, website traffic, likes, shares, follower count, etc., you can get everything on a click. The interesting thing about using marketing automation for B2B is that you can filter each analysis in real-time based on various demographic factors like locations, etc. Also, you can integrate social media handles with various analytics tools to get a much better and crisp understanding.

8. Notification

In marketing, things work in stages. When one stage finishes, another starts. It is thus important for executives to get updates about every major-minor thing that is required to keep the momentum ahead concerning marketing activities. Marketing automation for B2B helps executives to get instant notifications to plan the next course of action.

9. Data Management

In B2B marketing a vast amount of data is being generated and collected every day. Given the importance of data in today’s highly competitive business landscape, it is important to manage each piece of data effectively. Implementation of marketing automation for B2B enables organizations to eliminate most of the recurring challenges that come during managing data.

B2B marketing automation helps executives to easily manage several data-related functions like

  • Data Backup
  • Data Migration
  • Data Storage
  • Data Retrieval
  • Data Entry
  • Data Cleaning

Best B2B Marketing Automation Software

  • HubSpot: Its powerful CRM facility integrates sales, marketing, and customer service teams to meet business goals with ease.
  • Versium Reach: You can visualize and segment your data with ease. Cost-effective tool for enhanced lead generation.
  • Marketo Engage: Get data insights and check the performance of marketing campaigns for better decision-making. Also known for content personalization and cross-channel engagement.
  • MailChimp: Great for email marketing and creating beautiful landing pages.
  • Pardot: Empowers teams to close more deals with greater engagement and also proves effective in maintaining lasting relationships.
  • LeadBoxer: It is known for its lead nurturing capabilities.
  • Zoho CRM: Good for lead scoring.
  • HootSuite: Known for social media automation capabilities.
Final Words

Marketing automation is the need of the hour for the B2B world. It has proved as a game changer for countless companies across the globe and can substantially transform the fortunes of your business as well. What you require is a master strategy to roll-out a perfect and effective B2B marketing automation plan.

You can consult any adept marketing agency to help you implement marketing automation for B2B effectively. In case you need any assistance for B2B lead generation or automated workflow implementation then contact us at info@vsynergize.com. Our executives will help you meet your business goals.

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