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Medical Billing Management Services

Let the experts manage your practice’s billing services to maximize its revenue potential

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Medical Billing Management Services

Let the experts manage your practice’s billing services to maximize its revenue potential

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Outsource Medical Billing Management Services to VSynergize

In the healthcare sector, medical billing and coding specialists act as essential links between patients and providers by efficiently converting rendered services into billing claims. They are responsible for monitoring all associated claims for payment accuracy, ensuring both practice and patient are equally compensated.

The experts at VSynergize can help your practice maximize its revenue potential. We understand the importance of getting paid for your medical services, and we are committed to providing you with reliable medical billing management services that exceed your expectations. 

We provide a comprehensive medical billing system that can be customized according to medical practices’ specific needs and requirements.

Medical Billing Management Services We Offer

Medical Coding

The main cause of claim denials is incorrect medical coding. Our highly-skilled and CPC-certified medical coders are experts in CPT, HCPCS coding, ICD-10 medical coding, Chart Audits and Code Reviews, as well as HCC medical coding. We prioritize payer-specific requirements for our professional development programs so that all our coders can stay up to date with the latest medical advances.

Data Entry & Medical Billing

Medical billing accuracy is our number one priority. We understand that medical billing accuracy begins with medical coding and data entry, where our medical billing and coding specialists hold a good experience with guidelines, practices, and regulations. Our team consists of certified, trained billers and coders who understand the difficulty of the healthcare industry.

Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts receivable management is integral to healthy cash flow for your practice. Our AR follow-up team ensures that every claim is settled quickly with no mistakes. The reviewing and resubmission of pending or denied claims can lead to delayed payments, inaccurate accounts receivable records, and a diminished focus on collecting outstanding debt. As a result, it affects your business’s bottom line in many ways.

Denials Management

Providers often struggle with many denied claims that go completely overlooked and get ignored for resubmission. Furthermore, there is little analysis of why these claims were rejected in the first place and no data or feedback on those denials. Our Denial Management process is designed to identify and rectify the underlying issue causing denials, ultimately accelerating your accounts receivables.

Benefits of Our Medical Billing Management Services

At VSynergize, we understand the value of healthcare services. We have put together a team of professionals to navigate complex billing procedures.

With our assistance, you’ll be able to free up resources for patient care while streamlining your revenue cycle management with decreased claim denials due to fewer coding errors. 

We provide our clients with qualified medical billing management services, so they can focus on delivering the best patient care possible.

FAQ – Mental health billing services

  • We begin by requesting clarification from our clients on any unaccepted submissions.
  • We carefully review and make necessary changes based on the feedback received from the clearing house and payer before resubmitting them.
  • To ensure the absolute accuracy of every claim, our quality control team evaluates each one before transmission.

Our team is committed to providing continuous training opportunities for our staff members, which ensures we offer a comprehensive suite of services backed by industry-leading expertise. By recognizing the unique payer codes and denial reason codes, we develop a pattern of trends to uncover insufficiencies in billing practices and medical coding procedures.

Our medical billing team employs a rigorous accounts receivable management system that helps you take control of your practice’s finances:

  • Our dedicated AR follow-up team works diligently to ensure that claims are settled quickly and efficiently, leveraging websites, faxes, IVR systems, and phones for optimal follow-up.
  • We monitor the aging buckets of the AR’s claims followed between 25-45 days. Follow-ups are taken on the status of the claims, appeals, and denial reasons of claims.

Our team carefully studies several accounts receivable reports to maximize AR collections and reduce bad debts to devise a comprehensive AR management strategy.

Every patient account is monitored and followed up till all payments are fulfilled. Multiple processes are in place to facilitate collections, including sending out letters, statements, notifications, and making phone calls which helps speed up the entire process.

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