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Mental health billing services you can rely on

Maximize ROI with our Fast and Efficient Billing services

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Mental health billing services you can rely on

Maximize ROI with our Fast and Efficient Billing services

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Outsource Mental Health Billing Services to VSynergize

Mental health billing services can be perplexing. Many patients rely on BPO services to manage their claims. But is this the right option for you, or should you do it yourself? 

The answer is dependent on your goals and specific practice. Outsourced mental health billing can be viable for your practice if: 

  • You need more staff to manage your mental health billing. 
  • Time constraints prevent you from resolving and pursuing claim denials. 
  • You frequently miss submission deadlines, or your billing is disorganized. 
  • You want professionals to help you maximize your claim and revenue through coding. 

Mental health billing shouldn’t be intimidating. The right decisions and tools can assist you in managing it effectively and obtaining the reimbursement you deserve. 

Mental Health Billing Services We Offer

Claim Management

Our team regularly tracks the submitted claims to detect and resolve issues. We pull all the necessary data from patient encounters such as insurance details and patient demography to secure successful documentation. VSynergize offers an expert team that is trained in multiple platforms and holds the knowledge of various reimbursement models.

Quality Service

Accuracy and Quality service come in the main segments of Mental Health Billing services. Our mental health billing team is determined to improve your collection from payers and patients by providing accurate invoices for medical services. Appropriate medical codes can directly lead to faster claim submission, hence higher ROI.

Data Security

With a higher risk of data loss or misplacement, we ensure that all confidential information remains under the secured channel. We use a secure FTP and VPN to track all the data transferred from your side. From invoices to medical records, every piece of information is protected as per HIPAA regulations and industry-based standards.

Insurance Verification

Our team of billing and coding specialists verifies active coverage with the registered insurance company to prevent billing issues. We keep regular contact with Insurance companies to get the required data for verification. Once the insurance coverage benefits are checked, patients will be informed regarding the same.

Benefits of Our Mental Health Billing Services

Like other forms of treatment, mental health care plans vary from patient to patient. As a result, billing gets more complicated and intricate as different patients require customized treatment options, causing the billing processes to become overwhelming, daunting, and a possible source of error.

Fortunately, mental health billing services exist to support mental health practitioners with ongoing professional billing so they can focus on patient care, increase cash flow, save money, and eliminate billing errors.

VSynergize can help you get accurate and error-free claims submitted to your insurance carrier. We also support hospitals, institutions, and physicians with our end-to-end medical billing services. We help you earn more revenue with our affordable and quick services.

FAQ – Mental health billing services

It isn’t advisable to bill a client for multiple sessions in regard to the CPT code 90791. Typically, the CPT code might be incorrect after the first session, leading to possible insurance fraud. Such an offense can lead to a claim denial. 

However, you can bill another client for that date as well. The rule of thumb is one intake session, the first session per client. If you contact the insurance company, you might get authorization for more than one session daily.  

This issue occurs far too frequently: a patient needs to notify you of any update on their policy. In this case, send them a claim, wait for payment, and find out if it has been declined. In this case, you must contact the client and obtain their new insurance details.  

An insurance company typically takes 30 business days to receive the claim and process payouts. However, this isn’t always the case. Nonetheless, insurance companies’ rule is that all claims must be processed within a month.

Some BPO services don’t let you try the services before diving full. Feel comfortable with the firm you choose, and do it risk-free. Choose medical billing services that offer free trials with no upfront contracts.

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