Nowadays, people all over the world are connected to each other through technology. If you want to expand your business globally then it is important that you break the language barrier. But how can you do that? Well, you can do that by speaking the language that your customers speak or by providing multilingual support. Being available to your customers at their convenience should be one of the tasks in your priority list. Keep reading the blog to know more about multilingual customer support benefits for your business.

What Is Multilingual Support? 

Multilingual customer care is about extending your customer support to people who don’t speak English in other languages or the language of their choice. You can go about it by asking the customer the language they prefer when they contact you on the support line or visit your website. You can then transfer their call to the support person who knows to communicate in that particular language. That support person can offer them the content that they can easily understand.

Benefits Of Offering Impact Multilingual Support

In today’s technologically advanced world you can reach your customers virtually anywhere. According to a report, “Only 1/3rd of the customer support centers offer multilingual customer experience.” If you want to expand your customer reach and increase the market share then a multilingual customer support system can help you with that. Now, we will discuss and tell you how offering multi language customer service can be beneficial.

1. Customer Communication

One of the most important facts is that your customer’s should be able to communicate and tell you their doubts and problems.When you give your customer the opportunity to communicate in their preferred language, you make them comfortable. The support representative can understand and then resolve their issue accordingly. It is vital that you listen to your customers so they feel that you actually care for them.

Offering multilingual customer service will increase the efficiency of your business. Since this will remove all the misunderstandings and misinterpretations caused by the language barrier. This will also reduce the time that your sales team spends on each inquiry due to language barriers.

2. Customer Loyalty and Retention

Well, no business ever wants their customers to leave. So, for your customers to not ever leave it is important that you keep all their needs in mind. You must gain their trust and offering impact multilingual support can help you with that.

According to research, “70% of the customers get more loyal to companies that provide support in their native language.” Another statistics show that, “67% of the customers are willing to turn to other brands due to poor customer experience.” From all these facts, you can understand how important customer support is. Therefore, to retain your customers for a long time you must offer multi language support.

3. Get An Edge Over Your Competitors

According to a research, “88% of companies offer support in more than one language but only 28% of customers said that the support is available in their native language.” Therefore, if you offer support in maximum languages possible, you can pull those unsatisfied customers of these businesses.This will also help you to get an edge over your competitors and get higher ROI.

This multilingual customer care idea can be more successful in the companies operating in countries where many languages are spoken. You should try to extend your customer support service  in different languages instead of going for one or two common languages. This will also help you to stand out from other businesses in the market and get noticed by people.

4. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Nowadays, people have got many options to choose from in terms of products or services.It is very common for them to get inclined towards the best offers given by the companies. This is true not only for B2C but for B2B companies as well. Therefore, you should try to increase customer satisfaction and you can do that by offering multilingual customer service.

This will help you to add a level of customization for customers. You can build their trust and make more meaningful relationships. They will not only appreciate your services but do more business with you.

5. Good Customer Feedback

Here, I have a question for you. When you visit a store or checkout some service online, do you directly go for it? Obviously, not. Similarly, customers won’t buy or take up your service in one go. They will search about other customer’s experiences and read reviews.

According to research, “93% of the customers read online reviews before buying or taking up a new service.” Providing multilingual customer experience will increase the customer satisfaction level and encourage them to leave positive feedback. This will not only attract new customers but provide them a solid base to trust you.

Over To You

With technological development, the world has become a marketplace. The businesses have come up globally and are serving customers all over the world. As you know customer support experience plays an important role when it comes to satisfying customers. For any business to grow, providing the best customer experience is the key. Having multilingual customer service helps you to reach new markets and enhance the customer experience.

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