How to Choose an Outsourced SDR Service

Many businesses around the world struggle with deciding on how to choose an outsourced SDR service (sales development representative) or an in-house one, and often find difficulty in choosing the right one for their company.

To keep you up to speed, in short, an outsourced SDR team manages your sales and leads without you needing to go through the process of interviewing and hiring many salespeople in-house, which can take several months. They talk to leads through email marketing or cold calling and help convert them to new customers.

With great cost savings and less time needed to train them, there are many great benefits as to why you should choose outsourced SDRs for your business.

However, one of the most difficult things to do is choose the right one for your needs. So, let’s go through the top things you need to think about and ask before choosing an outsourced SDR service below.

Think About the Location

When wondering how to choose an outsourced SDR service, the first thing you should consider when choosing an outsourced service is the location. Where is the company located? Companies in different countries are often cheaper but often come at the cost of a lower level of English comprehension.

Take a look at the location of each company and consider if the benefits of the price outweigh the drawbacks of getting quality English-proficient sales development representatives.

How Will You Be Communicating With SDRs?

To ensure SDRs are successful, great communication and strong relationships are a must. When talking to potential SDRs, if you feel that they are unlikely to constantly communicate with you on projects, especially when they run into problems, then it won’t be a good fit. Constant communication is always necessary to ensure the best possible sales results.

Are KPIs Set and Agreed Upon?

KPIs change all the time depending on the company. In the past, many SDR KPIs were only measured based on how many meetings were booked. However, if this is used then it may not be completely accurate because not all meetings will be equal, and some meetings are easier to make actual sales than others.

Because of this, ensure that the outsourced SDR service allows you to communicate and choose an agreed-upon KPI that would be better for your needs.

Can Information Be Shared?

Many different outsourced SDRs have lots of different ways of working. That’s why it’s critical to gain an insight into how these companies work. When deciding on a service, you need to make sure that they can share their information with you.

This is important for finding out about the processes they use for speaking to clients and the messaging they use. If the outsourced-SDR company isn’t an open book, it would be unwise to work with them.

One good way to decide if you should trust them is by looking on Google and other search engines for customer reviews. This is a great way to find out about their reputation and whether other companies enjoyed working with them or not.

What Is the Process? Is It Standardized?

Try to find companies that have a standardized process. This is great, as the process won’t change, only the message. It allows you to control many more variables and ensures that if there is a lack of sales, only the messaging needs to be improved and optimized which can be done much easier than if there were no standardized process.

Is Data Safety and Compliance Being Adhered To?

All your data and the data of your potential customers should be handled as safely as possible. If not, this could land you in hot water with the legal authorities.

Talk to your potential SDR companies and make sure that their processes comply with the different data safety laws and regulations of the area you are operating in. This will give you great peace of mind that not only are you compliant, but that fake numbers and do not call numbers are reduced, which many telemarketing companies use to bump up their sales numbers.

By ensuring that they are compliant, you can ensure that the quality of meetings and numbers are high.

When finding a compliant outsourced sales development representative company, there are a few compliance laws you need to be aware of.

The first is the telemarketing sales rule, which is a rule put in place by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). This particular rule ensures that telemarketers don’t misrepresent the business and what they are offering. This helps to ensure SDR companies only call potential customers during reasonable hours, stops calls to those who asked not to be called again, and more.

Others include the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), and the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). Ensure that outsourced SDR companies take these legislations into account so no legal troubles impact your company.

Understanding Their Team

Understanding the team who will be working for your business is of the utmost importance. Asking questions such as how many people will be on the SDR team and how they’re trained will give you a good idea of their quality and whether they will be able to achieve your KPIs.

What’s more, talking to SDR companies will give you a good idea of what industries they work in. As some will be more specialized in certain industries than others, you can choose the one which will have the most experience and will be more suitable for your company than the ones not so experienced in your sector.

Try asking for some references from them to give you more information about the company, their processes and if they will work well with you.

Choosing the Right SDR Service

There are many different factors you should consider when wondering how to choose an outsourced SDR service. From understanding their team, figuring out if data safety and compliance are being adhered to, and ensuring communication between you both is strong, there is a lot to think about.

However, with its many great benefits, it is a necessary process, as it is sure to massively improve your sales while saving precious time and money.

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