In the competitive landscape 2023, businesses are challenged to stand out and secure qualified leads. A skilled and efficient sales team is crucial for scaling your company and increasing revenue. Not all businesses have resources or need for a full-time, in-house sales team year-round. That’s where outsourced Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) come into play. This comprehensive guide will explore everything you need to know about SDRs and present a detailed review of the top 15 outsourced SDR companies in 2023.

Understanding Outsourced SDRs

An outsourced SDR company is a cost-effective option for businesses needing more resources to establish an in-house sales team or only require sales representatives for specific periods. Outsourced SDR companies provide a group of sales development representatives that can be tailored to meet the company’s needs and budget. This approach is particularly beneficial for organizations with lower sales budgets, as outsourcing eliminates the time and expense of recruiting and training in-house sales reps.
On the other hand, B2B and SaaS companies often find it advantageous to hire outsourced SDR companies during periods of rapid growth. The additional outsourced sales reps can help fill the sales pipeline while the company simultaneously hires and trains additional in-house representatives.

Top 15 Outsourced SDR Companies

1. Vsynergize: Vsynergize is a dynamic lead generation and brand-building service based in Boston, USA; it stands out with its unique approach centered around forging personal connections with prospective customers and addressing their specific needs. Through a multichannel strategy, they enable global companies to efficiently identify suitable leads and successfully close deals.
Vsynergize’s outsourced SDR services focus on building meaningful connections with potential customers. They take a personalized approach to engaging prospects through phone calls, emails, social media, and other channels. This person-to-person style of engagement helps businesses establish trust and credibility with their target audience.
The company takes pride in its well-trained team of SDRs who excel in effective communication and relationship building. By deeply understanding potential customers’ pain points and requirements, they can tailor their messaging to resonate powerfully with the audience.

2. Belkins: Belkins is an award-winning B2B SDR lead-generation company based in Dover, DE, with offices in the USA, Ukraine, and Poland. They use technology and a skilled sales team to optimize leads and ensure successful conversions. With extensive experience in over 50 different industries, Belkins has generated millions of leads for its clients, showcasing its sales development and lead generation expertise.
Belkins’ outsourced SDR services are designed to deliver high-quality leads that match a company’s target audience. They employ data-driven strategies and innovative tools to effectively identify and engage potential customers.
The company’s team of SDRs is well-versed in handling B2B sales processes and building strong relationships with prospects. Their focus on delivering value at every touchpoint of the buyer’s journey contributes to successful lead nurturing and conversion.

3. SalesRoads: SalesRoads, headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, offers multi-award-winning B2B sales outsourcing solutions to manufacturing, logistics, construction, SaaS, and technology industries. Their data-informed approach helps develop customized sales strategies for clients, leading to meaningful, scalable results. SalesRoads’ cancel-anytime guarantee and flexibility make them popular for businesses seeking outbound sales support.
SalesRoads’ outsourced SDR services revolve around data-driven decision-making and personalized sales strategies. They conduct in-depth market research and analyze client data to identify the most promising sales opportunities.
The company’s team of SDRs is skilled in building rapport with potential customers and qualifying leads effectively. Their consultative approach allows them to understand prospects’ unique needs and position the client’s products or services as the ideal solution.

4. Martal Group: Martal Group is a top lead-generating and sales business that collaborates with B2B technology companies. Their outsourcing services provide additional sales personnel, personalized outreach, and B2B appointment setting. With a focus on creating recurring income and guiding businesses through various growth stages, Martal Group offers valuable expertise to startups and established enterprises alike.
Martal Group’s outsourced SDR services are designed to accelerate a company’s sales process and optimize lead generation efforts. They work closely with clients to understand their target market and develop strategies to engage potential customers effectively.
The company’s team of SDRs is trained in advanced sales techniques and equipped with industry-specific knowledge. They specialize in B2B technology sales and have a track record of generating high-quality leads and driving revenue growth for their clients.

5. Operatix: Operatix, launched in 2012, assists B2B software enterprises in North America and Europe with market entry acceleration and pipeline generation. Their account-based marketing combined with account-based selling operations helps raise average transaction values for clients, making them a reliable partner in sales growth.
Operatix’s outsourced SDR services are centered around account-based marketing and selling. They target key accounts with personalized outreach, engaging decision-makers and influencers within the organization.
The company’s team of SDRs is skilled in navigating complex sales cycles and building strong relationships with key stakeholders. Their data-driven approach helps identify and prioritize high-potential accounts, ensuring that resources are focused on prospects with the highest likelihood of conversion.

6. Leadium: Leadium is a top B2B sales engagement company with US and Eastern European offices. They work with mission-driven growth companies, offering end-to-end lead generation and outbound SDR services. Leadium’s flexible, low-cost, high-yield approach focuses on outbound prospecting, inbound lead flow, CRM data integrity, and more.
Leadium’s outsourced SDR services are designed to accelerate a company’s sales pipeline and generate qualified leads. They leverage a combination of human touch and automation to reach potential customers through multiple channels.
The company’s team of SDRs is skilled in executing targeted outbound sales campaigns and building relationships with prospects. Their data-driven approach ensures that sales efforts are directed toward the most promising opportunities, maximizing the return on investment for

7. CloudTask: CloudTask is an excellent choice for businesses seeking outsourced SDR services with a strong focus on customer support and lead management. Based in the US, CloudTask offers round-the-clock support for customer queries, emails, and calls, ensuring that potential customers receive timely and personalized responses.
The company’s team of SDRs is trained to handle customer interactions with professionalism and empathy, leaving a positive impression on prospects. CloudTask’s customer-centric approach enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, increasing sales opportunities.

8. Uproar Partners: Uproar Partners from Atlanta, USA, aids B2B digital enterprises to extend their runway and grow income through an outsourced SaaS strategy. Their adaptable solutions cater to companies of all sizes, making them an ideal partner for evolving businesses.
Uproar Partners’ outsourced SDR services are tailored to meet B2B digital companies’ unique needs. They become an extension of the client’s business and work as part of the full-time sales team, helping to increase revenue and lengthen the company’s runway.

9. CIENCE: CIENCE provides software and Orchestrated Outbound services for B2B lead generation. Their human and machine-powered services generate high-quality leads and help businesses achieve their revenue goals effectively.
CIENCE’s outsourced SDR services leverage technology and data to identify and engage the most promising prospects through personalized outreach. Their trained SDRs follow best practices for reaching out through multiple channels and setting up appointments, leading to increased lead conversion rates.

10. Lunas: Lunas, based in Toronto, Canada, guides businesses through creating and maintaining recurring income. They offer personalized outreach, appointment setting, and product market research, making them a valuable resource for startups and expanding enterprises.
Lunas’ outsourced SDR services focus on helping businesses build a strong base for recurring income and scaling up. Their sales experts assist clients in designing go-to-market plans for new markets, ensuring successful expansion.

11. SALESDOCk: SALESDOCk focuses on sales metrics and processes, helping B2B companies optimize their sales efforts. Their hands-on approach and expertise in sales technologies contribute to shorter sales cycles and increased revenue.
SALESDOCk’s outsourced SDR services involve a collaborative approach, working closely with clients to identify opportunities, build relationships, and close deals. Their expertise in sales technologies allows clients to automate, measure, and predict sales for more efficient operations.

12. offers outsourcing services within specialized industries, providing tailored sales teams for optimal performance. Their flexible operations model allows adjustments to the sales team according to market performance, ensuring scalable results.’s outsourced SDR services are designed to cater to the unique needs of businesses operating within specific industries. They offer specialized expertise, ensuring sales efforts align with the industry’s best practices and strategies.

13. The Sales Factory: The Sales Factory is a must-try sales outsourcing company if you need to train your existing staff. For example, the service provides lead-generation campaigns while training your team on effective lead generation. Overall, having a medium-term service outsourced while keeping the expertise for the long term is an excellent choice. It still leaves plenty of room for sign-on companies to suggest personalized plans for better growth.
The Sales Factory’s outsourced SDR services go beyond lead generation, focusing on training and skill development for in-house sales teams. Their collaborative approach helps businesses enhance the capabilities of their existing sales staff while outsourcing specific sales functions.

14. SalesEvolve: Anytime your business needs high-impact outsourcing services, SalesEvolve provides hassle-free growth nurturing solutions. The journey starts with thoroughly assessing a company’s existing opportunities and areas that require urgent attention before developing a streamlined sales funnel. It ranks among the top sales outsourcing companies because of how easily it helps startups and industry giants target the right audience and formulate ways to keep the customers locked in.
SalesEvolve’s outsourced SDR services aim to nurture business growth opportunities by identifying key areas that require attention and optimizing the sales funnel. Their data-informed approach ensures sales strategies align with the target audience’s needs and preferences.

15. Lease a Sales Rep: Lease a Sales Rep helps new companies hit the ground running if they want to avoid training their own sales reps from scratch. In hindsight, many businesses stumble on opportunities that need immediate action without the time to experiment with new staffers. These outsourcing services’ advantages include having a ready sales team on call and within a predictable budget. New companies skip the tedious process of recruiting sales teams and onboarding new customers using untried methods.
Lease a Sales Rep’s outsourced SDR services offer a ready-to-go sales team for businesses seeking immediate support without the time-consuming hiring process. Their experienced sales reps are equipped to handle the unique challenges of new businesses and drive growth from the outset.

Outsourcing sales development representatives can be a game-changer for businesses seeking cost-effective and scalable solutions to enhance their sales processes. The top 15 outsourced SDR companies reviewed in this guide offer a wide range of expertise and specialized services to meet the unique needs of different businesses. By partnering with these top outsourcing providers, companies can unlock their untapped potential and achieve consistent growth in a highly competitive market.
Disclaimer: The rankings and information provided in this guide are based on publicly available data and research as of 2023. Companies’ standings and offerings may change, and readers are encouraged to research before making decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Outsourced Sales Development Representative (SDR) is like having an extended team member who partners with your company remotely. They are seasoned sales professionals who collaborate with your business on a contractual basis. These experts specialize in generating leads and qualifying potential customers. By working outside your company’s premises, outsourced SDRs offer cost-effective solutions without the complexities of hiring and training in-house staff.

Hiring an in-house Sales Development Representative can be quite expensive for businesses. You must consider recruitment expenses, training costs, employee benefits, and additional overheads along with the base salary. On average, bringing an in-house SDR onboard can set you back anywhere from $80,000 to $100,000 annually, depending on factors like location and experience level.

SDR as a Service offers several advantages over in-house SDRs, including cost-effectiveness, access to greater resources and expertise, and flexibility in hiring. With outsourced SDRs, businesses can quickly ramp up lead generation efforts without the overhead costs of a full-time salary and benefits.

Yes, outsourcing lead generation to SDR-as-a-service providers can improve ROI. SDRs are typically paid per-lead basis, ensuring that businesses only pay for results. By utilizing experienced SDR teams and real-time lead tracking, companies can optimize their lead generation budget and achieve a higher return on investment.

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