B2B Marketers know the real power of content marketing. According to research, “91% of the B2B Marketers use content marketing as a marketing tool.” It’s important to have a planned and strategized content marketing approach for the best results. When it comes to content marketing strategy it is no magic. The victory of your content marketing campaign simply depends on the content that you put out there. You must try to create impressive, impactful, educational, and engaging content. Keep reading the blog to know the powerful ways to do content marketing for lead generation.

Steps To Do Content Marketing For Lead Generation

The key to boosting your lead generation tactics is creating the right and best content. If your content is good then no doubt you will get the attention of your potential customers. But how can you create that perfect content that grabs the attention of your audience? Well, just continue reading and we have all the answers to your questions.

Step 1: Know Your Audience

Probably, you knew this was coming. Yes, the first step is to know and understand your target audience. Would you like it if you are bombarded with information you don’t even want to hear? Well, obviously not. Similarly, we don’t want to bullet fire our audience with content that they aren’t even interested in.

The initial step of your content marketing strategy is to understand what your audience likes and prefers. You should priorly conduct market research to know what your target audience’s pain points and doubts are. You should research the keywords that your prospects are searching for. Examining all this will help you to strategize a better lead generation campaign. You should also develop the buyer persona so that you know where to put in more marketing efforts.

Step 2: Understand your Customer’s journey

If you want to understand your audience better then you should map the journey through which they go through. According to research, “80% of the customers consider the customer experience to be as important as the product or service they are purchasing.” A customer journey map will help you to understand what triggers or entice them to take action. You can understand what goes through their mind when they close a deal.

You should also keep in mind that all customer’s journeys won’t be exactly the same. Some people will close a deal immediately while others may take time to make a decision.

Step 3: Decide What Type of Content You Should Create 

When it comes to content there’s a long list of types of content that you can create. But here comes the question of what content you should create. Based on the research you can understand what type of content is getting the maximum engagement and best response. So, you can craft your content posts accordingly. There are a variety of content posts you can create for lead generation campaign such as:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Infographics
  • Whitepapers
  • eBooks
  • Case studies
  • Customer testimonials

You must create content that is impressive, interesting and provides some value to your customer. Also, you should not forget to use an analytics tool to know which and what content is getting the best traffic.

Step 4: Optimize your landing pages 

After the mainstream content marketing strategy comes the landing pages. You must try to create high-converting landing pages. But how can you do that? Below we have given the best tips to craft high converting landing pages:

  • An impressive headline
  • Short and crisp content
  • Brief video
  • Clear call to action
  • Testimonials and No of subscribers

Additionally, you must optimize your landing pages for lead generation and a high conversion rate. Your landing pages should have robust content that speaks to your prospective customers. You should put forward your unique value proposition so as to engage the reader effectively. You must tell your customer’s how your service will be helpful to them. To add social proof you can put some reviews and testimonials as well.

Step 5: Content Distribution and Promotion

Once your content and the optimized landing pages are ready, you can shoot them out in the world. Here, content distribution and promotion come into play. You can use mix and match of different content promotion and distribution channels such as:

  • Social media: Nowadays, people love spending time using social media. You can use different social media platforms to reach out to your target audience. You can post interesting content over there to grab the attention of your prospective customers. You can gain their trust by posting relevant and informative content regularly.
  • Influencer Marketing: People won’t trust you immediately when you enter the market. Therefore, you can do influencer marketing and build relationships with them through the person they trust.
  • Content syndication: There are various free and paid content syndication platforms. You can syndicate your content on these platforms and get the attention of your target audience rapidly.
  • Paid Promotion: If you want quick results and have an adequate budget then you can opt for paid promotion. PPC campaigns work really well for startups and help gain new visitors. But you should put the right attributes or filters for your target audience. Not only this, you should track the results.

Step 6: Effective Conversion Paths

You can create a great content strategy but along with that establishing an effective conversion path is important. You can do that by adding up the following components: 

  • Call-To-Action 

Try to add the CTA buttons at all the relevant positions from your blog posts to the homepage section. You must ensure that there is a balance between conversion optimization and a smooth customer experience. 

  • Thank you page 

You must have a thank you page when a customer signs up to show them that you are grateful for their trust. You can also add sharing buttons so as to make them share it in their social network. 

  • Follow up email 

Once a prospect enters the sales funnel it’s important that you constantly engage with them and encourage them to take action. Follow-up emails can be personalized and are a good way to engage with prospects.

Winding Up

Content plays a major role when it comes to gaining attention and attracting traffic to the website. Not only this, but content also helps in nurturing leads and pushing them ahead in the sales funnel. Well, for a robust content strategy it is vital that you create impressive and informative content. You should know how to tackle the deepest concerns of your prospects with content. Following the steps that we have given above, you can carry out a lead generating content marketing campaign.

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