As the current pandemic situation of coronavirus is locking up all the businesses and consumer behavior on a massive scale. The spread of these viruses has caused several of the most important B2B conferences to be canceled, likely resulting in numerous missed partnership opportunities. While we are all absolutely concerned about our family, friends, and society in many ways, we should also be doing our part to keep the engines of industries moving.

Marketers need to think about the unique strategies that stay on point. The strategies that worked before, might not be the good choice as the market conditions crashed due to pandemic. As a B2B and technology marketer, we are in a unique position and have a great strategy for your  Demand Generation needs. It’s vital to change the tone of your marketing strategies and outreach. It’s probably not a good time for any of your businesses or vendors to ask for face-to-face meetings or overly aggressive sales tactics. Make sure that the tone of your marketing is appropriate to the current crisis and tailored to reflect any sensitivities that may exist in this new environment.

Demand Generation basically starts by identifying and qualifying prospective customers through content and inbound marketing, direct response and email campaigns, and events, before passing these leads to a nurturing team. Demand Generation strategies can assist B2B companies to create demand for your products and services, and as a result, earn more leads and revenues.

It’s important that the Marketing and Sales teams should not work in silos. Marketers work tirelessly to attract leads and handover the leads to the salespeople, who do their best to close the sale but if their intentions, lifecycle definitions, processes and technology stacks are misaligned, it could cost the company 10% of revenue or more per year.

The biggest task facing the world right now is stopping the spread of the coronavirus. But the B2B market needs to sustain its demand at any condition. At any stage, it should focus on creating awareness and interest in your company’s products or services. This includes engaging your target audience with messages that are relevant and personalized for them.

Successful Demand Generation Marketing Strategies Should:

  • Show customers a problem they face
  • Position your services as a potential solution
  • Examine the power of choosing your company over your competitor

To track the progress of your Demand Generation strategies, you can practice the same KPIs linked with other online marketing strategies, including conversions and traffic on designated pages of your website. The high-level industries, such as healthcare and financial services, where the end to end interactions and references are key parts of the buying process.

In the time of a pandemic where you really can’t attend your sales meetings and events, it’s not at all difficult for you to deliver the advantageous, personalized and effective digital experiences to your prospects.

As most of your clients highly spend time on social networks due to the pandemic lockdown, social platforms are one such medium that helps you to generate the demands and let your audience be aware of what’s going on in the world. Also, your own website activity can give you a keen idea of how your general business activity is trending among customers and prospects. Working quickly on conversion rate optimization is a smart move. It will help you plan for the short and long term performance of your digital programs.

B2B Demand Generation Strategies to help your Business Drive Results during this Pandemic  situations:

  • Maintain your brand identity and promote brand awareness by maintaining your own safety.
  • Set up the right plan for marketing and sales operations.
  • Understand your buyer personas and segmentation strategy.
  • Try to draft the relevant content.
  • Make use of tools, Apps, or resources.
  • Form transparency between your Marketing and Sales team.
  • Optimize your Email Marketing Strategies.
  • Review your Web Activity And rethink on setting out offers on your strategies.
  • Keep Management Positive And Informed.
  • Track the success of your ongoing activities.

The features of an effective Demand Generation strategy should include:

  • A customer relationship management system
  • A content management system
  • A business intelligence platform
  • A customer service tool

Keep in mind that your salespeople are really the best source for your market dynamics. If it’s not too far to access your sales team, in this lockdown time ask them questions about what they are seeing and hearing among their competitors and prospects. As all the marketers are concerned about how fast things are evolving in this pandemic situation, but never leave hope as this is not the end.

Using all these business strategies in this pandemic situation, strive to make most of your time and keep positivity high. Try to increase your immunity and stay healthy, stay fit. If still you are stressed and worried about your business Demand Generation and Lead Generation building? Relax!  VSynerze can help! Reach us on +1-732-481-9424 or email at

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