More and more companies are utilizing account-based marketing in their business, and this trend isn’t showing any signs of stopping. And it’s no wonder. One of the great benefits of account-based marketing is that it aligns both sales and marketing to provide greater success.

This is especially important for B2B sales, where the intense competition makes it hard for companies to stand out and gain more revenue.

So, this begs the question: what is the role of an SDR service in account-based marketing?

Find out below as we go into detail on how their role changes in an account-based marketing setup and the great benefits that this partnership provides to businesses wanting to increase their B2B sales and the efficiency of their SDR service.

However, before we go into detail on the role of SDRs in account-based marketing, let’s first explain what it is and how it works.

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account based marketing Services, also known as ABM, uses the combined knowledge of marketing and sales teams to find important accounts that the business would prefer to pursue, retain, and then grow over a long period of time.

Account-based marketing is vital for helping SDRs exceed their targets and convert customers easier thanks to more research done to find each one. Furthermore, it increases the chances of the SDR team to better pique the interest of clients to then sell their products/services than purely cold calling them.

Whether you use SDR outsourcing or have them in-house, there are many benefits to this relationship that provides companies with the potential to massively increase their B2B sales.

Technology Advancements

Account-based marketing implements new technology into the role of SDRs, improving efficiency and productivity while also allowing them to understand more about the potential clients. It also involves further research to help create a more relevant message to entice them into learning more about the product/service.

This allows them to be more proactive rather than just reacting to potential leads. In fact, SDRs can work in tandem with their marketing teams to prioritize certain high-value leads over others, which will bring great benefits in the long run.

Improvement in Personalisation

One of the biggest benefits of account-based marketing is that the relevance and personalization of leads will be improved. Trust is of the highest importance in sales. A personal relationship with the client is key if you want to improve your sales.

By providing a more personalized touch thanks to improved data and better technology, along with this human element provided by the SDRs, you are bound to see your revenue increase.

This is great for an SDR service, as the interactions they have with potential customers will be more relevant, leading to a higher chance that a sale will take place while greatly improving the relationship that the SDR has with the client.

Improvements in Data Analytics

SDR outsourcing services are often too busy chasing leads to focus on data. However, with account-based management, the role of SDRs will change. They will instead move through the journey of the client while ensuring data compliance and governance are in line with the laws.

This is extremely important, as the business will be less worried about clients’ data being mishandled and inaccurate and can instead worry about gaining new customers and increasing sales.

Changes in Sales Targets

For SDRs, how they use their time is extremely important. If they’re chasing the wrong targets, the company will waste lots of money, while having a less than favorable revenue.

In account based marketing services, SDRs need to have targets that will bring in not just any customers, but the right customers that will support the long-term success of the business.

Account-based marketing can help with first finding what the ideal client is, and then working forwards from this, building your strategy to first find them, and then getting SDRs to reach out to them in a way that they prefer. This provides the business with the highest possible chance of converting prospects into sales.

Once this is done, SDRs are much more likely to reach these targets and help the company grow.

Improved Training

In account-based marketing, SDRs will need to be trained differently than how they were before. In the past, it was common for sales development representatives to cold call leads without too much prior knowledge of the client.

With account-based marketing, there is much more training involved to convert these targeted leads. A heavier amount of time spent on research is one thing that is prioritized, as well as improving knowledge with continuous in-depth product training, and new tools and technology to make processes more efficient.

Messaging Feedback

In account-based marketing, the messaging will be scrutinized and changed more as a result of them wanting to provide the best possible message to these potential clients. This will be a continuous process and will change drastically depending on who the customer is.

This involves constant communication between marketing and SDR teams in order to understand how to create the message and then crafting the best message that will provide the highest chance of a conversion.

Constantly Changing Roles to Deal with the Market

As an SDR in account-based marketing, the role will be constantly changing. They need to stay up to date with the market and constantly adapt not only their messaging but also the way they communicate with potential and existing clients to ensure the best results.

Although this will be a difficult change and sure to add extra hours to the day, it will be more efficient in the long run due to increased sales as a result of fine-tuning the overall SDR process.

Utilize an SDR and Account-Based Marketing Partnership for Great Success

From improving messaging and sales targets to more personalization, there are many reasons as to why the role of SDRs in account-based marketing will change. However, this is extremely important for improving efficiency and allowing your business to stand out more in the market, massively increasing revenue along the way.

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