Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a booming industry where countless enterprises are putting their bets and investing heavily. But at the same time, this industry is very competitive as well where you need to adopt leading-edge methodologies to survive and flourish. Lead generation is a crucial task in SaaS that must be handled with care and smartness. Since, the success of lead generation paves the way for the future and decides the longevity of business.

Through this blog, we help you understand the best ways to boost lead generation outcomes for your SaaS business.

1. Understand Your Ideal Customer

An ideal B2B SaaS lead generation strategy starts with finding the right target audience. Unless you know substantial things about your prospects in detail, chances of getting desired results remain a distant reality. Therefore, do thoughtful research by taking the help of adept Research Analysts and find out:

  • Ideal age, seniority (position), decision-making level, gender, income, etc., of prospects
  • Industry and location you want to target
  • What are the best platforms (online & offline) to reach out to prospects?
  • Employee size, revenue, growth history, and reputation of the company where your prospects work

2. Use Lead Generation Tools

According to one prominent survey, it is found that digital platforms play a very crucial role in the sales process. According to one survey conducted by a premier research organization, it is found that close to 90% of sales work flows through online channels. Therefore, it is essential to use and leverage the power of various digital tools to improve the outcomes of SaaS lead generation.

  • Using the customer relationship management (CRM) tool, you can retrieve, sort, and manage customers’ data in a single dashboard easily.
  • Using popular email marketing tools like Mailchimp, GMass, etc., you can create alluring email campaigns and broaden the scope of SaaS lead generation efforts.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator, HubSpot, EverWebinar, Hootsuite, Semrush, etc., are other popular tools that are extensively used for various distinct purposes in SaaS lead generation.

3. Design Lead Qualification Procedure

Not all leads are equal. Some are ‘hot’ that can be closed at the earliest, some are ‘warm’ where little effort is required. So some are ‘cold’ where rigorous efforts are needed. And others are sometimes ‘futile’ that are better worth dropping.

But how will you gauge which lead falls into which category? Lead qualification is the answer to this puzzle. Thus every B2B lead generation strategy must have a solid lead qualification criteria to filter leads to help sales and marketing teams to focus on those leads that have higher chances of conversion.

You need to assign points based on user activity to manage lead scores. For example, if someone

  • Visits your website, assign 3 points
  • Checks your blog, assign 4 points
  • Downloads your case study/white paper, assign 4 points
  • Subscribes to your email newsletter, assign 5 points

And so on…

The lead scoring model must be aligned with the interest level of visitors and the business goals of B2B SaaS enterprise. By checking the total lead score of all visitors you can get a clear idea to chase which lead(s) next.

4. Pricing Model

Enterprises that deal in the SaaS business often experience cutthroat competition from peers. Apart from excellent features, pricing also plays a decisive role in the SaaS lead generation process. Complex or rigid pricing structures can obstruct enterprises to make the best of SaaS lead generation efforts. Companies thus need to be flexible and offer a variety of pricing structures to suit the needs of most. You can try the below pricing models.

  • Freemium (Basic features at free of cost; premium features are chargeable)
  • Multi-tier pricing (Features, numbers of users, subscription time, etc., decide the final pricing)
  • Flat rate (One-time lump sum payment)
  • Pay-per-use (It is based on the number of users)
  • Pay-as-you-grow (Allows companies to add features as they grow)

5. Nurture Your Leads

Getting a lead is one thing but converting it into a customer is the real challenge. Lead nurturing helps B2B marketers to tackle this challenge with ease. It helps organizations to educate prospects better about services and create a unique brand appeal using personalization.

This is the reason it is considered as one of the most important elements in SaaS lead generation. Much of the success of your SaaS lead generation depends upon how well you connect with your prospects and using which means of communication. Brands use live chat, social media marketing, video marketing, account based marketing services, etc., to create a better pull towards a brand.

A few tips to make the best from your SaaS lead generation strategy

  • Promote targeted content based on users’ needs
  • Use multi-channel lead nurturing techniques
  • Focus on multiple digital touchpoints
  • Take follow-up when required without fail
  • Leverage the potential of personalization
  • Use powerful lead scoring mechanisms

6. Optimize Your Website for SEO

In today’s digital age, websites are the online marketplace where visitors get aware of the brand, products and services, etc., without visiting a physical storefront or office. Websites thus play a very important role in running a successful business operation.

In SaaS lead generation as well, websites are very crucial. According to one study, it is found that 26.4% of SaaS website traffic comes from organic searches.

But just having a plain website won’t help. Your website must be SEO-friendly in order to help you in lead generation for SaaS. Here are a few tips to make it happen.

  • Improve user experience
  • Speed up page loading time
  • Add right CTAs
  • Use SEO-friendly keywords
  • Make it mobile-friendly
  • Write quality content
  • Optimize page title and meta description
  • Generate backlinks from high site authority websites
  • Conduct site audit frequently

7. Host Webinars

Webinar marketing is considered as one of the best b2b lead generation strategies on which B2B marketers rely and trust heavily. In SaaS lead generation, hosting webinars help establish a direct relationship with potential buyers. It offers a unique way to show and prove your authority and expertise in your core niche areas. As the interaction happens in real time, you can understand the mindset and engagement level of each participant and curate future marketing strategy accordingly.

8. Never Underestimate Referrals

According to one prominent study it is found that referral programs help increase revenue by 3X in B2B when done rightly. This is the reason SaaS companies use referral programs as effectively as any other business. Remember, word of mouth publicity garners greater trust among audiences than any other thing. It helps grow the customer base and acquire new high-value clients very quickly.

9. Create Quality Content

In SaaS lead generation, content plays a vital role in convincing your audience and creating a positive brand appeal. You cannot win enough leads without having a perfect content marketing strategy in place. One of the popular SaaS strategies for lead generation is to make a content strategy as diverse as possible to expand the magnitude of its impact. Blogs, whitepapers, newsletters, press releases, e-books, social media content, PPTs, case studies, etc., are very popular in SaaS lead generation. Remember that providing content in an engaging way with personalization and uniqueness can help you up your game further.

10. Publish Reviews

Genuine customer testimonials build solid trust amongst prospects. Therefore, publish positive reviews that you receive from your customers on your website. Moreover, publishing reviews on popular third party websites can not just help you look more authentic but give more backlinks as well. For SaaS brands, Trustpilot, Capterra, and G2 are popular review sites.

Looking to Boost SaaS Lead Generation Outcomes?

At VSynergize, we help companies across the business spectrum including SaaS to optimize lead generation outcomes. We are a reputed global brand that has built a unique niche in the market with proven lead generation services. If you are facing challenges to get desired business results through lead generation efforts then we can help you up your game.

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