Referral sales are the easiest to carry out for the sales representatives. It is also one of the most popular prospecting methods used by sales professionals. Referral sales are effective because they help to decrease the trust gap between the customers and the company. According to Nielsen, people are four times more likely to buy when referred by a friend. Continue reading to know more about referral sales and the best tactics that you can utilize to maximize your sales.

What is Sales Referral?

A sales referral is when your existing customer provides you with the contact information of a company or person who might be interested in your product or service. When the customers are satisfied with your service, they often provide you with referrals. You must ensure that your existing customers are happy with your service, and you must resolve their any issues at the earliest.

What is Referral Selling?

Referral selling means asking your existing customers to refer or recommend your service to another person or business. You can utilize the relationship that you’ve built over the years to open up new sales opportunities. These referral leads have a higher closing rate compared to leads generated through usual lead gen methods.

Best 4 Tactics to Maximize your Sales

Referral sales are the easiest to carry out, as these prospects aren’t completely unaware of your service. Below we have given different prospecting methods that you can utilize to close maximum sales.

1. Basic Prospecting

Prospecting means finding new leads through a variety of methods and nurturing them to the end of the funnel. For prospecting, you can use different techniques such as cold calling, websites, referrals and using directories, etc.

Prospecting new leads is important for a business not just to grow but to sustain itself in the market. According to statistics, “An average US company loses 23-30% of its customers each year due to lack of customer loyalty.” You can increase customer loyalty by providing exceptional customer experience and robust customer support. 

2. Referral Sales

You can ask for sales referrals from your existing customers who are satisfied with your service. It is usually difficult to initiate a conversation with a new prospect when you are unsure of their interest. Establishing a connection with a prospective customer who’s completely new to your business is difficult.

Referrals help sales representatives to build an immediate rapport by mentioning the person who referred them. When you establish a personal connection, people become more attentive and listen carefully. Then, you have to build their trust and make them believe that your service can actually benefit them.

3. Obtaining references

Sometimes getting referrals for sales isn’t an easy task. Typically, people are hesitant to provide contact information of their friends and family to salespeople. Therefore, the sales representatives should know how to ask for sales referrals. They should first ensure that the customer is satisfied and take feedback from them for their service. Then, encourage them to give referrals for sales if they have benefitted and are satisfied with the service.

A sales representative should know how to communicate and make a positive impression on the customer. Make your existing clients believe that their referrals will also be benefited from your service. Additionally, you can give them loyalty points or discounts for giving sale referrals.

4. Direct Contact

Referral sales are easy, but directly contacting prospective customers is challenging. However, if you don’t get sales referrals, then you can search for the contact information of people related to them. You can directly contact these prospects and say, “This is X from Y company. Your friend Wilfred is using our services for Z advantages. If you want to know more, then we can discuss this further.”

Adding a personal touch in the initial conversation can help to build credibility and curiosity in the prospects. You can let them know about your products or services’ benefits and how they can improve their ROI. The salespeople’s goal should be to pique prospects’ interests and establish long-term relationships.


Referral sales are comparatively easier than the entire lead generation process and nurturing. But to get referrals, you must ensure your existing customers’ satisfaction and take suggestions. Usually, when you start a conversation with a new prospect, it’s difficult to gain their trust. However, in referral sales, all these factors are diminished. In the above blog post, we have given the best tactics that you can utilize to maximize your sales.   

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