Six things nobody told you about white paper syndication

Six things nobody told you about white paper syndication

White papers are one of the top content driven marketing tools for a powerful lead generation campaign. They are a great tool to make an impact on the amount of traffic you generate for your website and the amount of leads you capture. According to research, white papers play an important role for B2B technology buyers during their purchasing process; being second only to to data sheets / brochures.

Producing a white paper requires lot of time and resources, which is just half the battle won. Many a times white papers do not reach the right intended target audience. And to avoid such a major content black hole, it is important to create a syndication plan while the white paper is in development.

So why is white paper syndication important to generate an influx of leads for a sales team?

A white paper created for a sales campaign should be optimised fully; and have an even better powerful call to action for the intended target audience. Here are six reasons why white paper syndication works as an effective sales strategy:

Enhances brand awareness

White paper syndication can help create a strong foothold of being a credible brand and as a thought leader in the industry – differentiating you from your competitors

Improve traffic to your website

White paper syndication can boost organic traffic to your company website for the simple reason that search engines show up specific syndicated content with quality and authority. This further, increase the brands SEO ranking over time

Increases visibility

White paper syndication can reach a large audience in just a short period of time. This will in turn make a brand more visible and accessible digitally.

Improved lead generation

White paper syndication guarantee you to receive a certain amount of leads with the help of audience filtering options. One can target prospects based on their job title, company, geography and industry

Betters team productivity

White paper syndication is an excellent way to streamline sales and marketing and improve efficiency by saving the team’s time and resources

Analysed report

White paper syndication service provides useful data about the audience interaction, thus helping the marketing and sales team take informed actions to engage with prospects

White paper syndication as a sales strategy is here to stay!

It  is a great way of generating quality leads as well as producing optimum ROI from content. At VSynergize, we believe that if your content is consumed, your products and services will be consumed eventually. Let us produce more business leads which will fit your targeted profile. Reach out to us today by simply giving us a call on 855-203-8196 or email at

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