Admit it – if you would have the right tools, there is no reason why you wouldn’t sneak on your competition. The truth is, even the most profitable companies do spy on their competitors. Completely away from being silly, this technique can actually help you grow your business and always think ahead.

But how to do it right –  and what are the most important benefits you can get from spying on your competition?

4 Proven Ways To Spy On Your Competition

They say that winning in business is all about selling the best product at the best price. And if your competitors aren’t doing that, you should know that – and make use of it. But how to know that.

These four tips can definitely help you.

1. Use A High-End Online Tool

Did you know that there are tools that let you see how many visitors your competition has daily, what keywords they rank for and which links they have acquired over time – as well as on which blogs is their website featured?

If not, you should meet, and – all great ways to find data on your competition.

2. The Customer Squeeze

You may not know it – but your rivals have customers that can give you the fresh information you need on their new offers, promotions or loyalty programs. The best way to squeeze out all the info is to ask them what do they like about their products or services and what they don’t. Also, you should try asking them why would they consider a switch – and get the two cents that you need to make them your customers.

The best way to hear the customers out are obviously your rivals’ social media pages, where they get ranked and are frequently reviewed. Learn from the reviews and use them in your brand.

 3. Content Monitoring

Make a list of the blogs and social updates your competitors are sharing weekly, monthly and yearly. Monitor and write all the likes, responses and comments they are getting. When divided with their fan base online, see what the interest score is (ex. if your competitor has 10,000 fans on Facebook, a post that is liked 1,000 times has 10% interest score).

Once you have a list of details and posts that match in terms of interests and topic – use them, repurpose them and improve them and get your fair share.

4. Advertise To Your Competitors’ Fans

Last and probably the most important – is the strategy that helps you directly advertise to your competitors’ fans. Thanks to Facebook Ads, it is now entirely possible. Since the platform lets you submit their Precise Interests, this is a place you can put the names of your competitors – and make your ad show only to people who follow some (or all) of your competitors.

The Side Benefits In The Spying Story

By spying, you are not actually wasting time on your competitors. Instead, you are investing in a strategy that packs all the latest trends that they adopted – as well as ones you can repurpose and reuse in the smartest way possible. Many experts actually recommend spying as a preliminary phase before making any decision about your brand, a campaign or strategy.

Since spying actually refers to the efforts of your competitors and the words that their customers have to say, you are not doing anything wrong – and the technique is completely legal. It is up to you, though, to find out what these businesses are doing different and how to use the intelligence information that you receive from them.

Still, spying is only good as long as it counts more than one competitor of yours. That way, the grasp of information is better and your insights are way more precise. Plus, you can target a wider audience that way and capture more potential customers and client of yours. The intelligence information that you will have will be cumulative and save you a lot of time in the end.

A Final Word

Aside from time and insights, spying on your competitors can actually save you tons of money in the long run. Ones that were planned for activities that did not show as promising by your competitors – and ones you can take advantage of in full motion if you know how to successfully tweak them.

At this point, you probably know how to start and what to do. Your competitors are out there, and they are sharing massive amounts of information you can actually use. And the best part?

They will never know that you are one step ahead of them – every single time.

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