Emails play an important role when it comes to planning a successful inbound marketing strategy. B2B Marketers consider emails along with other tactics as a vital tool for improving brand awareness and credibility. According to a report by HubSpot, “87% of B2B Marketers say that email is one of their organic content distribution channels.” Inbound email marketing campaign can give great results only if done in the right way. Inbound email marketing has a different workflow in which the prospects reach out to you first. Read the blog till the end to know how you can create a successful inbound email marketing campaign workflow.

8 Steps To Create A Successful Inbound Email Marketing Workflow

1. Research and Planning 

The most important step for creating a successful marketing strategy is research and planning. When it comes to marketing you cannot just jump into it and start doing whatever you want to. You need to have a proper plan and understanding of what is inbound email marketing.

Inbound email marketing is very different from outbound email marketing. Inbound email marketing is when the prospects reach out to you first with their contact information. However, you should priorly research and then decide what marketing plans can work best for your inbound email marketing workflow. You should estimate the budget and the resources that you would need for it.

2. Create Pop-Ups 

Pop-Ups are a good way to engage with the prospects and get more email subscriptions. You can also customize the pop-ups to compel the visitors to leave their email. There are certain factors that you should keep in mind while creating the pop-ups for your website:

  • Craft short and simple pop-ups. Don’t write too much text as people won’t read it.
  • Add relevant CTA with the information that you want from the visitors.
  • Make sure that the close button is visible so that people can close the pop-up whenever they want.
  • Keep the design of the pop-up simple and similar to your website. Make sure that the pop-up doesn’t stand out too much and look out of place.
  • Also, ensure that the pop-up doesn’t appear too often and is disturbing for people.

3. Conduct Contests and Giveaways

An easy way to get the email addresses of prospects is by hosting contests and giveaways. People are always interested in winning prizes and giveaways. You can ask for the email addresses of people who want to participate in the contests and giveaways. This way you will be able to build your database and email lists effortlessly. You can then use these emails in your inbound marketing strategy.

4. Segment and Prioritize your target audience

Segmenting your audiences is vital to target them more effectively. By dividing your audiences based on interest or urgency, you can strategize better. This will help you to personalize your emails and target your prospects with relevant and interesting content. You must understand that the person who provided the email for a giveaway and the one who subscribed for newsletters have different interests.

You must cater to your prospects based on their level of interest. For example, someone who has just subscribed, you can send them information about your business and how it can help them. Another way to segment your mailing list is by asking people what type of content they would like to receive. If they want to receive promotional content or discount alerts etc.

5. Welcome Email

You must make your prospects feel that they are important to you. Once someone subscribes to your mailing list, you should send them a welcome email. This email should have confirmation that they have successfully subscribed to your mailing list. You can also write a short welcome message along with some information and images. If you feel that the email would go too long this way then, you can also consider creating two separate emails. One for the confirmation and the other as a welcome message email.

6. Promotional Content 

The first and foremost aim is to get enough emails in your database and mailing list. Once this is done you can start sending out promotional content. This type of content is important to promote your services and business to potential customers. But make sure that your content is not only promotional but informative and educational as well.

People don’t usually like too much promotional content so make sure not to go overboard with it. You should also try to make your content creative, impressive, and relevant to your target audience. This will keep them interested and make them want to close a deal with you.

7. Write Good Emails 

Often the B2B Marketers focus on doing as many marketing activities as possible. But here one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that doing the right efforts is more important than doing more efforts. The marketers should focus on coordinating all the resources and marketing efforts properly.

When it comes to carrying out a successful Inbound marketing strategy, it is very crucial to focus on the emails. Try to make your emails short and crisp. The longer the emails, the fewer people will pay attention to them. You want your receivers to read them so try not to overload them with a lot of information. Apart from that work on writing creative and impressive subject lines. The subject line of an email is like the first impression of it. People often decide upon opening an email or not based on its subject line. You should make sure that you write valid subject lines along with a visually appealing format.

8. Decide and Schedule Marketing Campaigns

When you are done with deciding the email content and strategy. You can go ahead with scheduling your email marketing campaign. It’s always a good idea to schedule your email marketing campaign beforehand. This will make sure that your content is sent to your target audience at the right time.

Also, you should make sure that your email marketing campaigns align with your other digital marketing campaigns. They should be in sync with your other promotional activities or marketing actions across other platforms. This will help you to create more robust and focused marketing campaigns with a greater impact.


Setting up a successful inbound marketing workflow is a difficult task. However, you can do that by proper planning and research. Once you know and understand your target audience, you can create your content strategy accordingly. Then, you can segment your target audience to target them more effectively. Try to create good email templates and use them in your inbound email marketing campaigns. You can use the tips given above to create a successful email marketing campaign workflow.

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