Generating the top-of-the-funnel leads is relatively easier than generating Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)s. But what is a Marketing Qualified Lead(MQL) and how does a normal lead qualify as an MQL? Keep reading to find out the answers to all of your burning questions.

Sometimes, even if you acquire a lot of leads, it is of no use. The reason is that if they don’t follow through and make no purchase, there will be no profit. Understanding that gaining significant and high-quality leads is more important than simply obtaining leads.

Following that, you need to make sure that you are pushing and leading MQLs to the end of the Sales Pipeline. Now, let us first understand and know more about the Marketing Qualified Leads(MQL)s.

What is a Marketing Qualified Lead?  

A Marketing Qualified Lead(MQL) is a prospect that has shown interest in your company’s products and services by engaging and giving identification details to be converted into a known lead.

A Marketing Qualified Lead is a prospect that is more likely to become a customer in the future. But for that, you need to develop their trust and let them know how your product or service will be useful to them. You should also ensure that the lead is not just interested in your product or service but is qualified by predetermined criteria of a “good fit” in terms of the resources and capabilities.

Strategies to drive more Marketing Qualified Leads

1. Content Marketing Strategy 

Content marketing is a great way to generate Marketing Qualified Leads and turn them into sales. For this, you need to be very strategic and definite in your plan of action. You must create compelling and attractive content that makes your audience stick around. It has been seen that people are more likely to read and go through the content that has images and infographics.

Using different forms of content also adds uniqueness and keeps your readers interested. The different types of content that you should consider in your content marketing strategy are as follows:

Marketing Qualified Leads - Content Marketing Strategy
  • Blogs, Articles
  • Podcasts and videos
  • Webinars and online workshops
  • White papers and press releases
  • Product and service documentation
  • Ebooks, Guides
  • Case studies and Client testimonials

You must analyze what type of content is getting maximum engagement and reframe your content marketing strategy accordingly. Also, you shouldn’t forget to include a Call To Action (CTA) at the end of your content posts.

2. Optimizing Your Content

Creating different types of content is easy, but making it appear on the top of search results is difficult. But how can you do that? The answer is very simple: that is by optimizing your content and using SEO tools. With the use of SEO tools, you can find the right keywords and the topics that are hitting the charts.

SEO is the cheapest way to drive more organic traffic to your website and acquire Marketing Qualified Leads. SEO helps to target the audience through keyword research, cross-linking, or repurposing dated content.

3.  Paid Ads 

Paid ads can be of significant help when it comes to generating Marketing Qualified Leads. They have proven to be successful and the additional benefit is that you can select and set the demographics as well.

Marketing Qualified Leads - Paid Ads

Using paid ads is advantageous as you get clear insights and know how many people are engaging in your posts. This way, you can determine the success or failure rate of your lead generation strategy. The only disadvantage is that you need to have a budget for it and it needs to be done for a specific period.

4. Using Lead Generation Tools 

Another way to get Marketing Qualified Leads is using lead generation tools. These tools are of significant help in the matter of getting MQls. By utilizing them, you can analyze and monitor the activity history, content downloaded, and the departing points of your target customers.

You can use this vital information to enhance your marketing efforts and content strategy. Knowing and understanding the behavior of your target audience can help you know their pain points and interests. Then, creating content according to their interests and engagement will help you in getting more Marketing Qualified Leads(MQL)s.

5. Lead Nurturing and Follow Up 

Once you get the lead you must nurture and follow it through. Or else your prospects might lose interest and forget about you. It is crucial to engage with your leads from time to time and guide them in their buying journey.

Make sure that you recall your leads about your product or services and keep track of their individual buying journey. Additionally, try to create educational and valuable content that keeps your Marketing Qualified Leads informed and engaged. As long as you are keeping things fresh, it is more likely that your lead will further proceed and become your customer.

6. Using Marketing Automation 

Marketing automation can be a helping hand in your lead generation strategy. You might be thinking how? It is because it helps in saving time while your marketing team can focus on the overall tactics. You can do automation of many things, such as lead nurturing, lead scoring, marketing analysis, platform integration, and so on.

According to the research, it has been seen that 77% of users experienced increased lead conversions using marketing automation. There are many marketing automation tools that you can utilize, such as HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, AdRoll, and much more.

7. Customer Referrals 

Customer referrals are the best and easiest way to get high-quality leads. Customer Referrals are the people or the businesses that might need or would be interested in your product or services. It is very common for companies to forget and ignore their existing customers. And here is where they make a big mistake.

Customers should always be treated as a priority no matter how long they have been dealing with your company. It is important to follow up and check if they are experiencing any sort of problem with your product or service. If they are experiencing any problems, then you should try to resolve them at the earliest and also ask for their feedback.

Maintaining a good customer-business relationship is not just important till the time of purchase. It goes beyond our imagination, as the customers would often talk about your product or service with others. If they are not satisfied with it, it would lead to the degradation of your brand image among people. However, if you maintain a good customer relationship, then it would be easier for you to ask them for referrals.

8. Analyzing and refining your Sales Funnel

In this advanced world, the trends and people’s interests change from time to time. As we know that there are different stages in the sales pipeline and buyer’s journey. Therefore, periodically you must examine and identify what is working best and efficiently for you. Upgrading your strategy and tactics now and then can help you perform better and increase your sales.

You must review all the activities of your sales and marketing teams and see where the conversion and closing rates are high. Considering these factors and pinpointing the bottlenecks will help you to strategize better and bring more Marketing Qualified Leads.

Wrapping Up

In B2B companies, we know that generating Marketing Qualified Leads is a significant task. When you are able to generate enough leads, it helps your sales team to close and secure more deals. Constantly sharing interesting and informative content aids in nurturing leads and turning them into customers. However, the process is not that easy and you need to take multiple steps to ensure a creamy flow of leads in your sales funnel.

Nonetheless, above we have given some pro tips to up your game of generating Marketing Qualified Leads. We are sure that these proven tips will help you get desired results and you will thank us for that.

If you are still struggling with generating Marketing Qualified Leads then we can help you. VSynergize is a leading and trusted name in the field of lead generation services. We can help you in making more customers in a timely and cost-effective manner with our proven B2B lead generation services. For more information and details, connect with us now on 1-855-203-8196 or email us at

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