Do you think only acquiring new shoppers for your eCommerce service is essential to growing your business? Well, let me tell you, that’s not it. While it is pretty essential that you get new customers for your business every now and then, keeping your existing customers with you is even more profitable. But how do you ensure that your customer, who once bought from you, will return to get more products/services from your business? This is where eCommerce customer service comes to the rescue!

If you want to know more about what is eCommerce customer service and about the dos and don’t’s of eCommerce support, look no more as I have covered everything you need to know in this article.

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What is eCommerce customer service?

eCommerce customer support is the way for online businesses to assist their customers throughout the process of online shopping, from revolving pre-purchase questions, to purchase issues to making a good post-purchase experience. This is quite essential for businesses, no matter if they are big or small, to ensure that they are known as trustworthy online businesses.

Here are some do’s and don’ts that your team hired for customer service in eCommerce needs to know and follow for a better reputation among existing and new customers

The Dos of eCommerce Customer Service:

1-     Be honest with your services

One thing that will always build your customer’s trust in you is avoiding fake promises and marketing only what your services or products have to offer. If your product cannot fulfill some of your customer’s demands, you should be quite straightforward about it rather than lying. This will develop trust in your customers, and they may end up becoming loyal ones.

2-     Speed up Response Time

Speeding up response time ensures that your customer stays on your page and doesn’t leave for being unattended. You can only do this if you have the proper staff and resources to provide speedy replies. Set specific benchmarks or time goals for your response time and ensure that you strive to hit them right.

3-     Updates on Delivery

This may not be necessary, but it always impacts the customers if they are told when their items will be delivered. Telling them the day and time on which their ordered products will be delivered makes the whole process smooth and ends up making the customer trust you.

4-     Show gratitude

Expressing gratitude is always a great option in personal relationships, and the scenario is not different for the relationship between the business and its customer. Saying thank-you will show your customers how glad you are for them to trust you with your products and eventually make them feel important.

5-     Be accountable for mistakes.

It is not humanly possible to be up to the mark and exactly according to your customer’s satisfaction. Sometimes your customer is upset about something that may or may not be your fault, but handling it properly can win your customer’s heart. Saying sorry for the negative and unpleasant experiences that your customer may face from your product or customer service and fixing the problem as soon and as efficiently as possible will always gain your customer’s trust in your business.

6-     Use personalization

One thing that will make you stand out among competitors is the use of personalization in your customer support for eCommerce. The majority of the time, the customers are looking for reliable answers from some expertise, and being able to reply to them by providing a personalized online experience will create a memorable customer service eCommerce experience for them.

The Don’ts of eCommerce Customer Service:

1-     Using Pre-set Responses

When customers are looking for an eCommerce service, they want to feel heard and understood rather than like they are talking to a robot. Sending pre-set or generic replies to their queries will make them feel exactly that, and therefore you need to take the proper time to read their concerns and get back to them with personalized answers.

2-     Ignoring feedback

Ignoring your customer’s feedback will make them feel you don’t care about their experience with your products. This will end up making your customer run away from your business once and for all. Therefore, always listen to what they say and take complaints thinking your customer wants your business to perform better. This will make them trust your products in the coming future.

3-     Making things overcomplicated.

Ensure that your customer service tools are quite easy to use so even beginner customers can easily get back to you using them. While many customers now have the knowledge of technology and stuff, they may end up leaving the page if they find things too complicated or time-consuming.

4-     Too many automated responses

While automated responses are life and time savers both when it comes to providing customer service in eCommerce, too many automated replies may end up frustrating your customers. Therefore, try to provide as personalized responses as possible to make your customer feel important.

5-     Slow responses

One of the biggest mistakes that eCommerce services make is getting back to their customers late due to slow responses. If you don’t get back to a customer in a reasonable amount of time, it may make them upset with your services and make the final decision of never buying from you again.

Conclusion – Do’s and Don’ts of eCommerce Customer Service

Customer service eCommerce is essential if you want your customers to be loyal to your business and don’t run away after one purchase or face even the slightest inconvenience. However, just hiring a team to do the task of providing eCommerce customer support is not enough if they don’t know what they need or don’t need to do. Therefore, it is essential for the team hired for customer support for eCommerce to know the dos and don’ts of providing proper eCommerce support in order to gain loyal customers.

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