B2B lead generation processes have transformed since the pandemic hit in the year 2020. Earlier, B2B Marketers used to have face-to-face meetings with their clients to talk about their services but now this has changed. Instead of direct interactions, we have to rely on digital platforms for everything. This indeed is the reason for the change in the process of how sellers did B2B lead generation before COVID-19.

B2B lead generation is not just about finding more and more leads rather it is about finding ways to get quality leads. However, to get highly qualified leads you first need to develop pathways and processes that would get you there. In this blog, we will discuss what the clients want right now and how you can fit into the new digital environment and do B2B lead generation.

What Customers Want Right Now 

In this new environment, companies need to incorporate better sales lead gen activities. Right now, the sales reps should be encouraged to spend more time prospecting and communicating with clients on platforms like Zoom and Google Duo. However, this just isn’t enough and B2B marketers need more robust ways to close the gap in the sales pipeline.

These days B2B marketers are required to make an extra effort and find the potential clients where they are. The online world has become the trade house in the COVID-19 time. LinkedIn and Twitter are two such platforms that professional B2B marketers can use. The sellers need to find new and more proactive ways to get the conversation going with their clients online. Using industry-focused and client-specific solution selling techniques can help salespeople to establish their business in the market.

The New B2B Lead Generation Rules  

1. Research, Research, and Research 

In this new era, for doing B2B lead generation you first need to do research. Try to find the ideal fit companies that might need your B2B lead generation services. Finding the prospects for whom your solutions might fit well and developing buyer’s personas should be your first task.

Researching gives you in-depth knowledge of what you can do and what should be done. You can also see how your competitors are working and where they are lacking. What are the loopholes and how can you fill them up? Researching gives you a better understanding of B2B lead generation processes and how you can carry them out more effectively.

2. Make Cross-functional teams

The competition in the industry has increased significantly in this digital era. To have a competitive edge over your competitors you must have a robust B2B lead generation strategy. Having a holistic approach and coordination between different teams is important. Your marketing processes should align with your sales teams. For example, the sales team should know where the particular lead is in its buying journey.

Take feedback from your sales and marketing teams frequently and ensure proper functioning between them. It is vital that you take into account the regional stakeholders and how you can work with them.

3. Create the right content

Often what happens is B2B marketers instead of focusing on the problems of clients, focus on their services. This is where they go wrong so it is important that your main focus should be on the problem of your client. Your team should create content and landing pages that are client-focused. Focusing too much on selling your services won’t keep your prospects interested. Instead, you should have the right pitch and the reason to give your clients why they need your services.

You must craft an effective content marketing strategy that inculcates different types of content. Putting out varieties of content such as images, videos, blogs, whitepapers, and E-books helps to keep things interesting for audiences. The sales team should also make some of the content externally available on different websites, social and digital channels.

4. Create awareness

The leaders of the industry should widely communicate the idea and content across the organization. The main agenda is to create awareness and push the content in the market. The sales team should look out for and use the right distribution channels.

Creating awareness about your services aids in bringing new leads and visitors to your website. The more the people know about you the more likely they are going to choose your services. People tend to believe more when you are visible and have multiple touchpoints. You should also track your performance and see how the content is being distributed.

5. Have a lead qualification process

Getting a long list of leads isn’t enough. You need to qualify and sort them according to the probability of them closing a deal. When it comes to leads, quality is more important than quantity. You must have a defined lead qualification process so that your efforts are not wasted on the wrong prospects. You should ask questions early and see how serious the buyer is about your solutions.

6. Get Customer referrals

You can ask your existing customers if they already know other companies or people that might be interested in your services. Then, you can talk to someone from the referral organization. See and dig out who the ultimate decision-makers are and let them know about your B2B lead generation services.

7. Measure and Analyze at Multiple Levels

Having a good B2B lead generation strategy is important but more than that measuring and analyzing it is vital. Your sales team should do the proper analysis and see what content is doing well and what’s not.  They should compare the KPIs and make necessary adjustments according to that. This will ensure that you are putting out valuable content on the right platforms effectively.


The B2B lead generation processes have transformed due to COVID-19. According to the reports, “Above 70% of B2B decision-makers are now relying on digital self-service”. This pandemic time has brought new challenges for B2B marketers. The sales reps have to do their meetings with clients on Zoom and Google duo. Most of the leads of B2B lead generation companies are coming from platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. To adapt to this digital environment the B2B lead generation services provider has to bring forth some crucial changes.

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