Account Based Marketing (ABM) is the new hero of B2B Marketers, as it can give significant results. Think of ABM as a journey; it is unique based on your organization’s business goals, customer needs, market, and other factors.

ABM platform helps to bring in personalization and aims to deliver better customer experiences. The highlight of ABM is that it targets high-value accounts that are more likely to close deals. However, there are many ways in which you can carry out Account Based Marketing. Read the blog till the end to know the best pathway to Account Based Marketing (ABM) success.

How to achieve Account Based Marketing (ABM) success?

Account Based Marketing (ABM) has received a mixed response from B2B marketers. Some are just starting with it while others are a pro at it. ABM helps to streamline the sales cycle and nurture account relationships. Below we have mentioned some of the best ways through which you can achieve Account Based Marketing (ABM) success.

1. Develop a priority-based approach to ABM

When you are just starting with your ABM strategy and selecting all the target accounts. You can consider them dividing into segments based on the importance, priority, and chances of them closing a deal. Once done with that, you can decide on different marketing strategies for each segment based on their needs and pain points.

However, how much you invest and how you approach it matters more than your marketing strategy. Ensure that the highest degree of investment goes to the top tier with the high-priority accounts. After that tier 2 with a bit less investment and marketing budget. Then, consequently, Tier 3 and 4. This can be planned easily by arranging the various account tiers in a row and your marketing activities in columns. See what marketing activities you want to perform for different segments based on the priority and budget of your ABM campaigns.

2. Identify Right Attributes for segmentation

When doing Account Based Marketing, you will have a long list of accounts in your hand. But you should know how to segment those account lists meaningfully. You can distribute account lists based on different criteria such as company size, geographical location, technology, etc.

For instance, you have 20% of your target accounts using products or services from your competitor. You can create email marketing campaigns showing how your product or service is better than what they are using now. If your target segment is at the end of the buying journey, then you can promote a case study and exhibit how you were successful.

3. Use impressive content in Emails

If your target accounts list and the number of accounts in each tier are small. Then, you can implement specific marketing programs for different segments over a period of time. The best way to do it is to send impressive and dynamic emails. By dynamic email, we mean delivering emails with the right amount of information and personalization.

When it comes to emails, there are many creative possibilities. Try to go beyond usual personalization, i.e. first name and signatures. You can experiment with various approaches, such as creating splendid subject lines. It will help boost email open rates and get more clients on board.

4. Web Personalization

The website is like the first impression of your business. You can make your website experience vigorous by making it personalized for your prospects. You can do it based on their behavior, interest, profile, location, and other attributes. Personalization is a good way to intrigue your potential customers’ interests.

Imagine visiting a website where the welcome page features the name of your business. Wouldn’t you get interested in seeing it further? Of course, you will be. You can use web personalization to deliver relevant content to the top tier of high-value accounts.

You can tailor the content as per the attributes of your prospects at different segments. This will demonstrate them that you understand their needs and wants and they would likely secure a deal with you.

5. Paid Ads to widen the Reach

Do you want to reach your target audience in a shorter time span? Then, paid advertising is the best option to do so. Nowadays, paid advertising is not like the earlier days advertising. These days you can choose whom to target specifically based on their traits. For example, in LinkedIn advertising, you can select specific job titles, companies, and industries that you want to target.

Apart from that, you can use various marketing automation tools for your advertising campaigns. For example, Marketo, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, etc. Additionally, you can use content syndication to target your leads at specific domains. To maximize your results, you should try to reach your target accounts where they are. This way you can keep them reminded about your business and services.

6. Measure and optimize your ABM programs

The best way to improve your ABM program is to examine what’s working and what’s not working for you. You should measure and analyze the success of your ABM campaigns. You should try to identify the loopholes in your ABM strategy and see what changes you can make. Compare the KPIs that provide insights and check the accounts engagement and dealing time. Making necessary changes will help you enhance your ABM results and close more deals.

Over to You

ABM is a new targeted marketing approach in which the sales and marketing teams work together. It aims to focus on the high-value and priority accounts that are more likely to secure deals. B2B Marketers look for ways to generate higher ROI and the ABM platform has proved to be a way out. ABM is based on focusing and engaging with the right accounts through different marketing channels. You must scale and optimize your ABM strategy to get the desired results.

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