Lead generation has been under the impact of substantial changes in the past years, using new digital channels and social, online techniques.

Lead generation which is seen as the art of turning the potential customers into buyers has achieved a great development in the past ten years or so. Although, generating leads through good old conventional methods such as telemarketing or referrals, the preferred lead generation method surely is the Internet. Clearly, we can see that lead generation techniques are changing from an outbound perspective to an inbound marketing strategy.

Traditional techniques are still mostly used in the sales “department”, such as social media and email marketing, but for the process of converting visitors into prospects, inbound is number one. But of course, no inbound strategy is complete without decent lead generation mechanics and techniques.

As for year the 2018, we celebrate the Diversity. Using only telephones and emails for lead generation is not the only option for quite a while. The opportunities are expanding using social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. So the key here while using social media is to cover the most important target groups for your business and apply an adequate strategy. But you should know that two or three channels are not enough for a successful lead generation strategy.

The same goes for devices. If you limit the online business only for one device, then probably you are likely to fail. Mobile devices usage is increasing each day so a marketing campaign cannot be focused only on computers or laptops. Thus, being mobile friendly is key for a successful business nowadays.

Lead generation tools are getting customized so they could better fit the lead’s requirements and to give a better user experience which will bring more contacts for your business. B2B marketers consider customer experience to be the most successful trend in the next few years, and even some of them think that customer experience will be the most important opportunity.

To determine the right approach for your business you need to choose which tool you will use and implement depending on the public you want to address and thus, combine the strategies that will most likely help.

Do not over-optimize your lead generation. You should focus more on doing more things that work than a few things that don’t.

No one says lead generation is an easy task, but sure is one of the most important for any business.

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