Today, there is not excuse for any brand for not knowing what customers need. Gone are the days of guessing, mass mailing and untargeted communication with prospects. Advances in MarTech has enabled Marketers to capture a range of Data while executing Marketing campaigns. Marketing is now driven by Data backed research and customer information that can be captured at every buying stage.

As Data has commoditized, most Data providers have expanded their capabilities to support Marketing, Sales and Data hygiene . B2B Data providers serve Marketers and sellers for years with Data to support their initiatives like market research, outbound campaigns, ABM and prospect engagement. In addition to expanding capabilities, B2B Data partners are differentiating their services for Data privacy, integration & management, and Data security. Here are some of the top B2B Data providers in the market:


DiscoverOrg packages its Data offerings for a growing range of department-specific business verticals such as Marketing, HR, IT, and Finance, which customers purchase to match their buyer profiles. With its departmental focus in Data sourcing and validation process, DiscoverOrg provides rich Data on buying centers, budgets, projects, and organization charts.  With the recent acquisition of B2B contact Database provider ZoomInfo, DiscoverOrg plans to bring both services into one system over the next year.


Bombora has played a leading role in building the category of account surge or intent Data. Bombora bases its surge signals on historical analysis of company activity, which customers can also use as part of their win/loss analysis to enrich Ideal Customer Profiles and optimize their content strategies. Bombora is a best fit for enterprise B2B Marketers with the capabilities to mine  and process the account surge Data it supplies.


VSynergize aims to create top-notch company-level Data and insights that enables customers to make even better decisions and obtain better ROI. VSynergize has five Smart Data Insight products which focus on  – Verified contacts, Total Addressable Market contacts, ABM specific, Rolebase, Accountbase, Data enrichment, and everything you can think of when it comes to Data management. VSynergize’ ability to identify and integrate personal and professional insights on executive buyers enables more precise targeting and personalization. VSynergize also offers differentiated capabilities for account and contact selection.

VSynergize also serves value services in the area of Sales and Marketing, acting as a growth arm to a company to  activate their outbound lead channel by sourcing unique Lead Data and strategically scaling pipeline activities. Checkout their B2B Data Insights for more info.


Leadspace leverages Artificial Intelligence and analytics to mine and integrate Data from proprietary, aggregated, and customer first-party sources to create rich account and contact profiles for use across the martech and Sales stack. Leadspace offers strong capabilities for buying-center identification and insights, Total Addressable Market  planning and analysis. Leadspace is a best fit for B2B Marketers looking for a Data platform with advanced Data integration and management capabilities.


InsideView offers advanced features for strategic go-to-market planning. InsideView delivers a comprehensive set of solutions for Marketing, Sales, and Data management use cases. InsideView offers advanced capabilities for go-to market planning, including Data visualizations for Ideal Customer Profiling and Total Addressable Market. InsideView is a best fit for B2B Marketers who need a comprehensive solution covering Marketing, Sales, and Data maintenance use cases and want to elevate their role in go-to-market strategy and planning.


ReachForce offers an easy-to-use and economical solution. The company’s offerings are geared primarily to Marketing use cases. ReachForce offers comprehensive Data maintenance capabilities and is one of the handful of B2B Marketing Data providers whose product roadmap and vision prioritize new Data management offerings. ReachForce has not prioritized Sales use cases. The company does not offer third-party behavioral/intent Data and has no plans to do so on its road map. ReachForce is a best fit for B2B Marketers starting their journey to Data-driven Marketing.


Acquired by Oracle, DataFox uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to analyze web-sourced signals such as technologies installed, news announcements, and job postings for additional granularity and to prioritize look-alike accounts. DataFox offers strong tools for territory planning and dynamic optimization based on its ranking of account quality. DataFox is a best fit for midmarket organizations just starting outbound-oriented Marketing programs and those that focus on best-fit insights and signals because they are reliable indicators of propensity to buy.

Orb Intelligence

Orb Intelligence provides focused firmographic Data set. The company has focusses on licensing its Data to other Data and solutions providers. The company’s Data sourcing approach is rooted in its internet orientation and search DNA, which relies on government Data and web domains as primary sources of Data accuracy and quality. Orb Intelligence is a best fit for B2B Marketers at companies with the skills and resources to integrate the firmographic Data Orb Intelligence provides.


Leadium partners with your Sales & Marketing teams to deliver customers at-scale. By analyzing your ideal customer profile, our team is able to source lead Data, craft personalized multi-touch sequences, and facilitate prospect connections. The result is a full-service acquisition channel, that delivers positive ROI through a consistent and measurable pipeline of SQLs.


Infogroup has a comprehensive Data set, focused tools, and complementary services. Infogroup leverages its comprehensive Data set across a broad set of focused solutions for Marketing, Sales, and Data management use cases. Infogroup has a deep bench of human researchers gathering and validating Data, including teams that focus on corporate hierarchies and SMBs specifically. Infogroup’s advanced Data management capabilities enable customers to integrate first- and third-party Data sources and create rich account and contact profiles for use across their martech stack.

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