Finding and searching email addresses can be a hectic and tedious process and then verifying them is another big task. However, you can simplify and shorten this lengthy process by using the best email checker tools. Email finding tools can help you to look up and find real email addresses and get rid of spams and invalid emails. There are many best email finder tools available in the market that you can utilize in your marketing strategies. Now, let us have a look at the best Email checker tools that you can use in your email marketing campaign.

Top 10 Best Email Checker and Lookup tools in 2021

1. UpLead 

UpLead: B2B Database & Business Contact Data Provider

UpLead is a powerful email checker software. It allows you to do email verification, clear up your lists and get rid of invalid emails. Not only this Uplead can do many other tasks such as enhance your current B2B data and business information. It can help you to grow your email lists and generate contact information that fits your prospect’s persona. Once your email list is generated the UpLead tool does the verification process in real time and kicks out the invalid emails. Also, you can download the emails that don’t get verified so that they remain in your business profile data.

2. Bouncer

Email Address List Verification and Validation. Protects you from hard bounces. Verify email address with simple App or easy-to-integrate API.

Do you want to decrease your bounce rate? Then, you must get the Bouncer email verifier tool. It can help you to increase your deliverability rate by doing the email verification process. Apart from email tracking and verifying, it also catches the typo errors so as to prevent users from losing an email address. The best part of the Bouncer is that it is an inexpensive platform and has good customer reviews. You can do multiple integrations with this email checker tool and it is very easy to use.

3. Emailable

Emailable: Email Verification & List Cleaning Software Solution

Emailable is a tool mainly used by professional marketers and developers . It is a cloud based email verification tool and can ensure better deliverability. This email checker tool comes with many features such as domain check, reporting, email tracking, detection and much more. The highlight of emailable is that it can sort emails by categories. Not only this the pricing system is also flexible that allows users to pay as they go.

4. Proofy

Email Checker • Validate Email Address Online Proofy

Proofy is a real time email checker tool. It has many features such as email deduplication and other email list clearing functionality. It is mainly built for bulk email verification service and claims to have a deliverability rate of 98.5%. With Proofy you get 100 free email verification checks and it has an affordable one time payment system. This cloud based email verification tool’s pricing starts from $16 for 5,000 emails and $19 for 50,000 emails.

5. Melissa Lookups

Melissa | Verify Addresses & Identities

Melissa is a tool that offers much more than just email verification such as phone numbers and IP location etc. The best feature of this tool is that it allows users to access the Global email check tool to verify emails. You can also access the Melissa lookups from the Android and iPhone devices. It is capable of data enrichment and offers a deliverability confidence score.

You also get 1000 free monthly lookups and it’s pricing starts from $3 for 1000 credits. Here, one thing to note is that each credit doesn’t mean an email address.

6. Hunter

Find email addresses in seconds • Hunter (Email Hunter)

Hunter is one of the best email checker tools and is a built-in email finder. You can carry out domain search and email verification processes with it. Using domain search, you can enter the company name and find the email addresses available under it. This way you can connect with the right people of the company immediately. However, if you are focused on finding an individual’s email address, you can also do that. This email checker tool claims that the verified email addresses are 95% deliverable. In the free plan of Hunter you get upto 150 credits per month and the paid version starts from $39 per month.

7. Voila Norbert

To find an email address with Voila Norbert Email Finder, you need two things: The full name of your prospect; The domain name

The highlight about Voila Norbert Email checker tool is that you don’t need to install a plugin or app to use it. It is a virtual assistant that can help you to find accurate email addresses and information. The salespeople and other professionals can enter the information that they already have and get the rest of the information. You can use it to verify the email addresses in real time. This will help you to make sure that your brand messages aren’t getting bounced. You can test out this email checker tool with the first free 50 leads. The paid plan of Voila Norbert starts from $10 per lead.


Accurate email tracking, automated followups, prospecting, mail merge, meeting coordination, sendlater, snooze, undo, and snippets for Gmail. is a chrome extension and an email verification tool. It is very easy to use, you just have to type the name of the person and you can attempt to find their email address. The extension will track the company domain and show the list of possible email addresses that a person could have. Along with being an email verification tool it has many features like email scheduling, CRM integration and automated reminders. You can get a free trial of 30 days of this email validation tool and it allows you 3 credits per day.

9. FindEmails

Accurate email tracking, automated followups, prospecting, mail merge, meeting coordination, sendlater, snooze, undo, and snippets for Gmail.

FindEmails is an email checker tool which was earlier known as Toofr. You can simply type a person’s first and last name and the company domain to find their email address. The feature of this tool is that it also gives the percentage chance of the email address being accurate. It has a comprehensive search tool which allows you to search for companies and job titles. This can be of great help if you are looking to connect with the decision makers. Another best thing is that only verified emails are listed in these results. You can also get the free trial of FindEmails and it allows you 30 credits.

10. Wiza

Wiza - Email Finder for LinkedIn - B2B Database

Wiza is a Chrome plugin and a bulk email address finder. It has a user-friendly interface and is designed specifically for LinkedIn. You can browse LinkedIn profiles and get the email address by clicking on the “Get Email” button on the side. Another way through which you can find email addresses is run a LinkedIn search and paste the URL into Wiza. Doing this you can get thousands of email addresses with a single click. Also the good feature about Wiza is that you just have to pay for the verified email addresses. In the free plan, you have to pay $0.15 per valid email or you get 300 verified emails per month at $50.

Putting It Together

Email finder and verification tools can help you to get B2B data and information for your business. They also help you in clearing up your email lists and enhance deliverability. Verifying email addresses can remove spam and invalid emails. This in turn reduces the bounce rate of emails in your email marketing campaigns. There are many email checkers and lookup tools available in the market. Once you have found the verified email addresses you can focus on delivering the right message at the perfect time. You can also use these email tracking tools for automated follow ups and email scheduling.

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