Lead generation is an important process for any B2B business. But do you know just generating lots of leads isn’t vital. What really matters is to generate high quality B2B leads that are most likely to get converted. 85% of the marketers say that lead generation is their top most challenge. Here, one fact that can take you a long way is “Do smartwork, not hard work”. By this we mean that just by using some lead generation tactics and techniques you can get the desired results. To learn and understand more go through the top 10 best techniques to generate B2B sales leads in 2022.

10 Best Techniques to generate B2B Sales leads in 2022

B2B sales leads are basically the qualified leads that sales representatives can reach out and sell to. It is very important to have a robust lead qualification process to qualify B2B leads. Increasing the volume of Sales Qualified leads (SQLs) in your sales funnel won’t get you anywhere. You need to qualify those leads and implement your strategy accordingly.

1. Have a targeted list of Business contacts

You can target an expansive audience with your B2B lead generation strategy. But to generate B2B sales leads you need to have a targeted strategy. Usually what B2B marketers do, they put in their marketing efforts into a large audience. This isn’t as effective compared to having a targeted list of business contacts.

You must create an accurate leads database and focus your marketing efforts on them. Before going on with your marketing strategy you must check that your database is:

  • Accurate and is not outdated
  • Filter the data on the basis of the Ideal Customer Profile or your buyer persona
  • Check if the they are already customers

2. Using Chatbots on website

According to research, “42% of customers prefer live chat for questions and queries.” In the past few years, the chabots have become increasingly popular. The reason being the fact that it is quick and easily accessible. People can’t directly connect to you and ask their questions and queries.

Chatbots are a good method to establish communication with your potential customers. By including chatbots on your website, you can engage in more conversations with your customers. These chatbots are 24/7 live and they can answer according to the data prior feeded in them. So, your customer support doesn’t need to be there all the time.

3. Online Reviews

In this digital era, people always search and look for things before they actually purchase it. According to a research study, “ 87% of B2B decision makers look for online reviews before purchasing.”

Having good online reviews can help you to make your business look more credible and get B2B sales leads. People always check and look for honest reviews before closing a deal. You must ask your customers to give an online review if they are satisfied with your services.  For getting reviews you must maintain a good relationship with your existing clients.

4. Conduct Webinars

Webinars are a great way to generate B2B sales leads. Webinars are like an online conference in which the presenter talks and discusses a relevant topic to the audience. In webinars, usually the speaker displays information in a presentation style. You can make people register for the webinar in exchange for their email address and contact information.

There are many webinar tools available that you can use such as Webinato, BrightTalk, GoToWebinar and ClickWebinar etc. Webinars can help you to make people know and understand more about your services and business.

5. Talk to Industry leaders and Influencers

People always have special interest towards famous industry leaders and influencers. They seem to take more interest in their talks and are keen to know about them. You can interview industry leaders from your field and take opinions of influencers. Doing this you can generate more B2B sales leads. As not only their followers will get to know about your business but many will end up landing on your website.

You can upload their talk video or write about their interview on your blogs. It is a good way for tapping into new audiences and getting more exposure. This will generate interest in people and attract more visitors to your website or business.

6. Get Customer Referrals and Recommendations

For getting more B2B sales leads it is important that you make sure that your existing customers are satisfied with your services. If a customer is pleased with your services then they are most likely to return to you. Not only this, you can also ask them for referrals and recommendations.

According to a recent survey, most of the qualified leads in sales come from recommendations than any other source. Customer referrals is the contact information of friends, family or other businesses given by customers that might be interested in your services or business.

7. Answer relevant questions on Q/A website

You can establish yourself as an industry expert and get more B2B sales leads by answering on Q/A website. Usually when people are doubtful about something they go on Quora and ask questions about it. You can answer the questions relevant to your industry and get the attention of these people. You can mention your website in your answers and this will drive more B2B sales leads to your business.

8. Join Social media groups relevant to your business

Another way to engage with leads is through joining the social media groups related to your business. There are many groups on LinkedIn and Facebook that you can join and get more B2B sales leads.

You can post in these groups and reply to comments to get into conversations with the potential customers.  You can give answers to the queries and doubts of the people and let them know about your business.

9. Optimize your website pages

Using Search Engine Optimization can help you to get your website ranked higher on the search engine results pages. By doing research and using relevant keywords you can drive B2B sales leads from SEO.

You can also increase your SEO rank by doing guest blogging and building good backlinks. Understanding the right keywords and using them with the good content is the key. There are many tools that can help you for your website SEO such as Serpstat, Hit Tail, Ahrefs and Google analytics etc.

10. Update the Email signatures of the employees

Usually emails go to many people, let it be clients, potential customers or other businesses. You can use emails to get more B2B sales leads by adding signatures to them. You can write some interesting taglines and information about your business and what you do. This will not only let people know about your business but will lead them to your website. For this you must update your employees signatures as well.

The Main Takeaway

Getting B2B sales leads isn’t a child’s play. You need to understand that whatever content you are making is ultimately to target the people. The content that you create should be personalized and the landing pages should be attractive. Placing the CTA button at appropriate places and writing compelling social media captions can also help to bring leads. Using automation softwares can aid you to lessen the burdens of your sales and marketing teams. You can adopt some of  these best lead gen techniques and get more B2B sales leads.

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