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Top 10 Email Marketing Tips to use during Covid-19

It’s the cruel reality that 2020 is tough for all of us.

But time flies and a lot of things have changed this year, including your marketing goals. But that doesn’t mean you, as a marketer,  have to start fresh. Also if you’re responsible for maintaining every day’s details of your email marketing tips and strategies you may feel like there are so many elements to keep track of to get your email program “just right”.

To assist, we have brought up our top tips to empower and energize you to create your best email marketing campaigns.

It does mean you can approach your objectives with a renewed mindset. Combine that attitude of openness with a toolbox full of tomorrow’s strategies, and you have a formula for success.

Email marketing tips has an incredible ROI rate of 4400%, which means every time when  $1 is spent on email marketing it forms or converts into $44.

How will your brand make the best of email marketing tips in 2020? What current trends do you need to stay on top of in order to keep your strategy relevant this year?

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches—at scale.” – David Newman

Read on to discover the tips you will need to excel with your email marketing strategy during the 2020 pandemic. These tips will embrace multiple technologies and channels. Also, all of them tie back into using email as the centerpiece of your marketing.

  1. Understand your audience

A deep understanding of your recipient audience is one of the most important aspects to take stock of before you start emailing them. Your audience is more than just a demographic group.

  1. Try implementing new strategies

A/B testing is vital at every stage of your email marketing, from subject lines to your calls to action. Also remember that your product changes, and so do your recipients, so a good email marketer is never done testing.

  1. Use of welcome emails 

The welcome email is the most important and powerful message you can send at the beginning. According to our current global analysis of email marketing, average open rates go above 80% – and click-through rates are around 22-25%.

This type of beginning emails also help keep your list fresh and increase your email deliverability.

  1. Send emails at the right time to increase your conversion rate

Every email marketer wants their newsletter to be at the top of the inbox. After all, most subscribers will pick the emails they see first. So when should you send your emails? When it comes to picking the right day, it doesn’t seem to make a huge difference. As long as you stay away from the weekend, your engagement rates should be fine.

  1. Draft the engaging email subject lines for higher opens

Studies show up to 50% of subscribers decide to open a message based on the subject line. Try personalization and emojis. It gets you a  positive effect on average email open rates.

  1. Focus on feedback in emails

Emails are used for tons of purposes. They enlarge sales offers and help you in promoting events. However, there’s another trend that’s exploding with popularity: user feedback. This year feedback is becoming a more popular technique to use with emails as a way to keep conversations going and generate sales.

  1. Use lead magnets

With more competition, building an email list isn’t as easy as it once was. And that’s despite the fact that we know at least 43 effective ways to build an email list. Lead magnets also are known as incentives, freebies, are the best way to overcome hesitation.

  1. Personalization

Personalization is an email marketing cornerstone, but it can be used on nearly any channel. The best part is that it helps you maintain a personal connection with viewers, no matter how big your audience is. The truth is that about 90% of your audience is likely to favor personalized content.

  1. Use a confirmed opt-in  list

When you differentiate the overall Email Marketing result by industry with the use of double opt-in data, you can see a link. Companies that use confirmed opt-in more often usually outperform.

  1. Wrap up

Your email marketing strategy in 2020 and the overall marketing approach, in general, will be similar to those in 2019. However, the change will also be on the way. Once you see how things are changing and what tweaks to make, you can make 2020 as an opportunity for your email marketing.

“Focus on growing your list all of the time as newer subscribers are more engaged, adding to healthier open rates and ROI.” 

When it comes to email marketing in 2020, the general message is to ramp things up. Email marketing’s strengths have only proven themselves over the last few years, and in 2020 you can expect brands to double down on their investment and effort.

If you’re wanting to rise above the email marketing noise in 2020, make sure to use the tools available to the best of your ability, and to further commit to email marketing automation.

At VSynergize, we focus on email marketing as the main contributor to lead generation, building up email marketing campaigns to get you the revenue you expect. We help you level up your marketing and start getting actual responses from your emails.

If you are interested in any of the  email marketing processes and want to try out some of them for your business connect us +1-732-481-9424 or email at info@vsynergize.com

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