With the advancement of technology, people can now connect with their friends and family all over the world. Thanks to the new inventions, the internet, and smart devices. This has also helped businesses globally to come together and create better innovations. It has also given rise to many marketing trends in the business sector. Here, in this blog, we will discuss the top 10 major B2B marketing trends 2022 that you should know about.

B2B Marketing Trends to look out for in 2022 

B2B Marketing trends are all about how to get the attention of prospective customers in new ways. It is about understanding what influences and triggers them the most to take action. B2B Marketing trends constantly keep changing based on several factors such as digital transformation and technological advancement. Have a look at the top 10 B2B marketing trends 2022 that you must know.

#1 Utilization of Chatbots

Chatbots are a fairly new advancement in the marketing world and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Using humans for 24 hours for website communication is no doubt expensive and time-consuming. Chatbots solve all these problems and are less expensive. Nowadays, a lot of businesses are using chatbots and will continue to do so. It is because it allows us to capitalize on all the interactions that happen even after office hours.

There are so many advantages of chatbots such as you can interact with multiple people in real-time. You don’t have to make your customers wait and this increases the customer satisfaction level. The AI-powered chatbots provide so many benefits and thus will continue to gain more relevance this year as well.

#2 Personalization

Personalization is a bang on B2B marketing trend in 2022. Since people have got options now, the only way to stand out is personalization. Instead of focusing on promotions you should focus on the customer’s needs and wants. This has helped many businesses to grow into giants. For example, Amazon analyzes their customer’s behavior such as recent searches and past purchases. On the basis of that, they promote the products and send complimentary offers to them.

Personalization helps in B2B lead generation. According to a report, “Personalized emails are 26% more likely to be opened than the general emails.” Whenever people see their name,  it entices them to open the email and see if there is something good for them. Personalization is a good new way to approach the customers and get their attention immediately.

#3 Influencer Marketing 

B2B Marketers know that no matter how hard they try, they cannot reach out to all the prospective customers. But even if they do, people are not more likely to trust them easily and close a deal. The other robust way to influence the prospects is by collaborating with the influencers that they already trust.

People will see your ads but not buy instantly from you. However, if the same product gets recommended by the influencer then they will most probably think about it. According to statistics, “Influencer marketing platforms stood at 335 in 2016 and increased by 320 in 2019.” This shows that influencer marketing is just going to gain more importance in the coming years.

#4 Content Marketing

Content marketing is among the top B2B marketing strategies. You know content is everywhere from websites to digital ads. Therefore, content plays an important role in influencing prospective customers. You must create informative, educational, and value content which showcases your expertise.

Now content marketing is not only limited to blogs and articles but a lot can be done in it. You should try to make your content interesting and interactive. You should aim to give the best and most exciting experience to your customers. You can use different types of content for it such as infographics, stats, images, etc.

#5 Using Messaging Apps

As you all are aware that these days people use messaging apps like Whatsapp and Viber to communicate. Messaging apps are very powerful as they have the ability to send messages privately and in groups.

Businesses can use these messaging apps to communicate with their customers. They can target large groups of people who might be interested and share common values. Also, the monetization of these apps in the future is possible as people would be able to shop and transfer money directly from them.

Messaging apps can prove to be beneficial for B2B marketers in the coming time. As messaging apps allow marketers to message personally, rapidly, and effectively.

#6 Integrating Marketing into One Platform

For B2B Marketers, data is a very important factor for strategizing better marketing. It means that the way marketers store their data and draw insights from is very important. According to a study, “Companies have to invest in multiple data tools to accumulate data and keep records.”

Also, most of the companies use different tools and softwares for handling their social media, SEO, lead nurturing, and email marketing. Having separate softwares for each of these tasks makes it difficult for marketers to analyze this data.

According to a report by Clickz, “89% of executives say poor data quality makes it difficult to deliver a good customer experience.” Now there are more integrated tools and software coming into the market. These softwares and tools will help to integrate and streamline the marketing efforts and ensure better decision making.

#7 Omnichannel Marketing Approach

Omnichannel marketing is a selling approach in which different channels are used to provide a seamless experience to customers. For an omnichannel strategy, it is vital to ensure consistent brand messaging across different mediums. For doing this, an automated omnichannel marketing workflow is very successful.

Statistics show that an automated omnichannel workflow can result in 250% higher purchase frequency and 90% more customer retention. It can also ensure a better engagement rate thus higher sales and more ROI.

#8 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence refers to the technology’s ability to work like humans. Different forms of AI are chatbots and virtual assistants like Siri etc. Nowadays, AI is being used by businesses in various forms such as chatbots as discussed above.

According to a Salesforce report, “ 51% of their customers say that their expectations are fulfilled by AI.” With the advancement in the learning of algorithms, AI will enable us to gather customer behavior pattern data. The advancements in AI can help the B2B Marketers to target their customers better and improve customer experience.

#9 More Optimized Google ads

As you know Google ads are very effective in generating traffic and B2B lead generation. Nowadays, Google ads have become more effective with smart bidding. This machine-learning bidding algorithm can help you to analyze thousands of signals in real-time and help place smart bids.

Smart bidding enables you to:

  • Access results of your bidding strategy
  • Automatically change your bids when sales performance dips
  • Run multiple automated campaigns

B2B Marketers can use smart bidding for consistent performance in marketing campaigns. With the enhancement in technology, google ads will be more optimized.

#10 Predictive Analytics

As per the SaS, predictive analytics can be defined as the use of data, algorithms, and machine learning techniques to identify the probability of future outcomes based on historical data. The aim is to make the best assessment of what will happen in the future.

The potential customers often leave a trail of data online. But this data is most of the time wasted if you don’t mine it. You can use this data for predictive analytics. Predictive analytics can help you to improve segmentation, lead scoring, and marketing strategy. Using predictive analytics is going to gain more relevance in the coming future.

The Key Takeaway

As you know trends constantly keep changing and till the time you get aware of one another one is already here. Most of the B2B digital marketing trends are linked with the advancement of technology. For marketers, it is very important that they make most of the use of these trends for impact B2B marketing. These technological trends will also help you to know what customers want and when they want. You must know and utilize these marketing trends to gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

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