It’s a new era and Content marketing is becoming the heart of most successful marketing campaigns. Content Marketing’s growth is explosive and is showing no signs of stopping. It’s not something you set and forget, strangely in an era when all marketers are going digital. To help you better understand let’s just get aware of what is Content Marketing and how it can impact and uplift your business goals.

Content Marketing is a technique used to engage and develop a specific target audience with the goal of creating true customer engagement. It is the form of communication with your potential customers without directly selling to them. By using content marketing, you are striving to change and enhance your customer’s behaviour towards your company in a positive manner.

So, why is Content Marketing important?

  • It enhances your social media strategy.
  • Improve brand reputation by building trust.
  • It helps your SEO because search engines reward businesses that publish unique content.
  • It helps you set yourself apart from competitors.
  • It is a successful PR strategy. It creates content which drives inbound traffic and leads

“Did you know more than 50% of consumers prefer video content over other forms of content such as emails, social, and blogs”

 Here are the Content Marketing trends for 2020:

  • Results-focused content
  • Video and live-stream
  • Conversational marketing
  • Personalized Content
  • Podcasting the Content
  • Topic-focused content
  • Data-driven content creation

So you might be thinking of what were the 2019 Content Marketing trends?

We have even got that for you below were the 2019 Content Marketing trends.

  • Authenticity, transparency, and value marketing
  • Content personalization and interactivity
  • Cross-team input and development
  • More collaboration between brands
  • Integrations as a growth lever
  • Using influencers as an ad hoc content team
  • Developing multimedia content with omnichannel distribution
  • Capitalization on micro-moments
  • Use of chatbots and artificial intelligence
  • Use of content cluster

Furthermore, it’s important to know that consumers increasingly expect fast, specific answers to their questions, whether on mobile or smarter speakers. Drafting content that ranks on Google will definitely need marketers to adopt a question-driven content strategy.

Considering the fact that Google often presents further information within its first results page. It’s also becoming more and more common for users to search for a longtail keyword, to make your presence visible to Google. Content Marketers need to be much smarter about what buyers or readers are seeking. This means using more and more long-tail keywords can be beneficial for you to be viewable to Google.

The blueprint of 10 best Content Marketing trends you should apply in 2020

Video Marketing:

Buyers today are viewing more video content than the other sources. Also, one-third of all online activity is spent watching video content. This factor makes video one of the best kinds of Content Marketing for approaching and engaging your target consumers.


Blogging is one of the most important and known content marketing trends for many businesses. Blogs are one of the best ways to uplift your SEO and drive more organic traffic to your website. This can help you make the most of your limited marketing budget by increasing advertising with inbound content.

AI and Email Marketing

AI is used in Email Marketing to discover the most suitable content for current and future consumers and also to ensure that the content reaches the targets in the most suitable time. AI in Email Marketing is used to automate the process and make the journey a bit simpler. Also, it can’t be ignored that  59% of marketers get the most ROI from their Email Marketing Campaigns.

Personalized Content

Personalization offers you an edge against the competition. According to the Forrester research report, 92% of marketers have experienced an increase in personalized marketing. Personalization depends almost completely on data. Similarly, the more data you have about your target audience, the better the chance to create a more meaningful message.


Checklists are a type of worksheet that provides a list of things to do in a step-by-step process in order to achieve some type of desired outcome. These are great content assets for small businesses because they are easy to create and promote, yet still provide significant value for the target audience.


eBooks are a useful type of long document content that businesses can use to proffer value for their leads and customers. Also, eBooks are one of the best types of Content Marketing for collecting lead information.


Infographics help businesses understand their audiences and provide meaningful information that can add value to their leads and customers. This visual content marketing term helps buyers better visualize data such as statistics so that they can have a better idea of why something is beneficial and how it works.

Case Studies

Case Studies are the most valuable types of Content Marketing strategies. Case studies are typically customer stories that illustrate how your business has helped a specific client or customer become successful using your product or services.

White papers

White papers are similar to eBooks in many ways. However, the main difference between eBooks and white papers is that white papers tend to be a bit more information-dense, data-driven, and detail-focused. This makes whitepapers one of the best types of content marketing for B2B. According to the survey, 76% of buyers are willing to share information about themselves to a business that exchanges white paper.

Social Media Posts:

The social media content plays an important role in how your company engages new leads and also the existing customers. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram help businesses reach new prospects and nurture relationships with the desired ones.

Since you are now aware of the important content marketing trends for 2020 and we hope you can start coming up with a plan for how to implement them into your own Content Marketing strategy. It would be valuable for your business if you start planning for these trends to stay ahead of your competition. Modifying your current marketing campaign to include a large portion of Content Marketing is a significant way to get started in 2020. For more assistance, you can directly reach us on +1-732-481-9424 or email at

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