Top 10 Must-Attend Sessions At #B2BMX 2020

Set in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, the B2BMX is set to bring in +1200 participants including thought-leaders, B2B Marketing practitioners from various sectors – financial services, high tech, manufacturing, and other B2B verticals that are at the forefront of implementing cutting edge tactics and technologies.Here is why you should not miss attending the B2BMX 2020

From leading executives in B2B — including case studies, labs, workshops, panels, and more; B2BMX will bring together six tracks for over 100 sessions covering topics such as:

Content – It will provide a mix of real-world case studies covering new content formats and campaign strategies, including interactive content, videos, podcasts and more. You will learn new ways to develop more authentic, engaging content that relates to buyers throughout all the stages of their journey.

Demand Gen -You will hear from some of the top analysts, authors, and practitioners on what is working across campaigns and channels to engage B2B buyers and drive pipeline. Specifically designed for executives in marketing ops, demand gen and acquisition roles, this track features sessions on reporting, attribution and lead nurturing.

ABM – This track has a roster of top authors, analysts, and practitioners sharing unique case studies. This year’s agenda will focus on use cases and models that help organizations integrate and operationalize their account strategies.

Channel Marketing  – This track will review how the most forward-thinking channel leaders are optimizing their partner programs.

Digital Strategy – This track will feature a mix of practitioners and leading analysts addressing trends in strategy.

Sales Enablement – Addressing the needs of marketing executives who are taking the lead on enablement and revenue-focused roles, this track is becoming a popular addition to the event as more organizations look for new ways to improve access to content and consistent messaging for their sales team.

Here are the top sessions at the B2BMX you can’t afford to miss out on

# How To Turn Events Into A Measurable, Pipeline-Generating Machine

Scott Vaughan, Integrate

B2B Marketers are investing 18% of their annual budget in events. With the large expenditure and resource commitment, teams are under pressure to deliver and show a clear contribution to pipeline and revenue. This workshop will provide strategy, hands-on advice, real-world case studies and an “Events-to-Pipeline Playbook” that you can put to work immediately to:

  • Develop an events demand strategy and metrics, with and without sales
  • Create the right events mix, types and formats to deliver target prospects
  • Turn attendees’ engagement, experience and capture into Event Qualified Leads
  • Orchestrate a speedy, impactful event follow-up strategy and process
  • Measuring event effectiveness and impact

# Realizing Relevance: The Art & Science Of Scaling ABM With Meaningful Personalization

Kathy Macchi, Inverta

ABM practitioners know all-too-well the challenges that come with mobilizing that unique, account-specific information for 1-to-few or 1-to-many programs.

The workshop will discuss different approaches to research and information gathering, approaches for customization based on the insight gathered, and the technology and tools that support impactful, bespoke ABM at scale.

# How To Leverage Your Existing Marketing Programs & Content To Enable Your Sales Team

Pam Didner, Relentless Pursuit, LLC

Sales and marketing, in practice, can seem like they’re at odds, with different goals and priorities. After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate your digital marketing channels with sales enablement in mind;
  • Create a list of questions to drive brainstorming with sales teams; and
  • Understand the collaboration process needed to drive account-based marketing.

# Demand Generation Masterclass & Certification

David Lewis, DemandGen

This workshop will cover the following topics, frameworks and demand generation principles:

  • The Demand Generation Framework
  • Essential Lead Management Principles and Techniques.
  • Sales Enablement Pro Tips
  • ABM Programs
  • Measurement & Reporting
  • MarTech Essentials
  • Data

# The Three Pillars For Driving Marketing Insights

Jeff Coveney | John Muehling  | Tom Grubb –  Digital Pi

Until your organization truly embraces marketing analytics as an everyday common language to drive marketing and sales improvement, the return on investment in marketing analytics people, process and technology will be low. This workshop will give you a better understanding of what you need to do, today, to create measurable successful marketing programs.

# ABM Expert Masterclass —The Journey From Good To Great

Meredith Fuller Steve Watt Quarry

The workshop will give you a hand-on experience in areas such as:

  • Great Ideal Accounts: Mastering qualitative and quantitative account selection and contact mapping to target, segment, and prioritize like never before.
  • High-Impact Deep Personalization: Creating multi-variate, real-time, hyper-personalized experiences, content and messaging – because just inserting [name] and [account] doesn’t cut it anymore.
  • Exceptional Omnichannel Orchestration: Unleash the true power of ABM with online and offline, high and low touch, insight-driven engagement across multiple touchpoints that incorporates tightly integrated sales touches, informed and driven by technology.

# Activity Matters! ServiceNow Leverages Intent Data To Make Marketing Work Much Better For Everyone

John Steinert, TechTarget | Gina Ahern, Patty Thompson – ServiceNow

In this presentation, global productivity leader ServiceNow will share details on how they’re winning with strategies that identify, influence and convert demand across a diverse portfolio of exciting software categories. This informative session will help you understand specifics on prioritizing strategic objectives and building scalable ways of working that can accelerate high-performance progress globally.

# How Hushly Used Intent Data To Identify Its Own Hand-Raisers On LinkedIn

James Kessinger, Hushly | Brian Dudley, Bombora

Learn how Hushly tackled its aggressive expansion goals using intent data and increased LinkedIn CTRs by 489% and improved lead-to-conversion rates by 414%. You will learn about:

  • Hushly’s marketing strategy to achieve its aggressive expansion goals;
  • The company’s test-and-learn approach to advertising and social media;
  • How Hushly used intent data to enhance investment efficiency and effectiveness of its LinkedIn advertising; and
  • What results Hushly has had to date and lessons learned along the way.

# How Tipalti Sales Reps Used Personalized Direct Mail To Influence 1.2M In Revenue

Peter M. Tarrant, Tipalti | Sruthi Kumar, Sendoso

This session will share how Tipalti extended their ABM efforts to include his SDRs so they could deliver their own hyper-personalized messages in channels like email, messaging and direct mail when reaching out to target accounts. You’ll understand more about:

  • Three things to consider when choosing the right vendor to enable your ABM approach;
  • Five must-haves for a successful and progressive ABM strategy; and
  • Real examples of creative sending tactics you can try immediately.

# Accelerating Your Journey To Account-Centric Revenue Marketing

Eric Barie, HERE Technologies | Sara Bochino, Integrate

HERE Technologies, shares the relatable story of transforming a revenue generation strategy, complete with tech, process, data, and people. The session will also address the widely applicable speed bumps encountered in modern demand generation, successful mitigation tactics and results to date on the journey that is building trust between marketing and sales. We can’t wait to meet you there! Our CMO Trish Agarwal would love to hang out with you can chat about the latest Marketing trends and best practices in the industry. Don’t miss it because there won’t be another B2BMX until 2021 and your Sales Pipeline can’t wait that long.

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