Do you want to scale up and automate your marketing process? If yes, then a SaaS Marketing agency can help you with that. Nowadays, software applications are taking over all sorts of industries like real estate, retail, financial services, transportation, hospitality and so on. If you have a business and want to shine with success in 2021 then Software as a Service marketing agency might be right for you. They can aid you in increasing your customer base and get more sales qualified leads. Not only this, it is estimated that in the next 3 years, the global SaaS market will be worth more than 60 billion dollars.

What is a B2B SaaS marketing agency? 

B2B SaaS agency helps Software-as-a-service industry to create and craft a data driven B2B marketing strategy. They help them to drive in more leads, customer acquisition and pilot more sales. The SaaS marketing agency offers different types of services such as lead generation, SEO, customer acquisition and content marketing, etc.

What are the benefits of B2B SaaS Marketing Agencies?

B2B SaaS agencies face a lot of challenges in marketing the SaaS products. They are well versed in the business technology department but when it comes to marketing they do not have extensive knowledge. This is where they face a majority of the problems and here the B2B SaaS marketing agencies come out as a saviour. The top reasons why to hire a SaaS marketing agency are as follows:

  • Knows how to deal with SaaS marketing challenges.
  • Expert in SaaS lead generation.
  • You get access to marketing automation software.
  • Proper tracking and relevant analytics.
  • Helps to save time and money.

You can take your marketing efforts to the next level by hiring a B2B marketing agency. However, you should always look for a SaaS marketing agency that has good previous experience and records.

How to choose a SaaS marketing agency? 

Choosing a SaaS marketing agency can be a tough decision with so many marketing agencies in the global SaaS market. Nonetheless, there are some key factors that you should consider before opting for one:

  1. Set Goals: First you need to determine your goals and objectives that you want to achieve. This will give an idea to not only your business but also to the SaaS marketing agency that you are hiring.
  2. Regular reporting: The SaaS marketing agency should deliver regular reports to you. This will let you know how close the agency is to achieving your objectives and goals.
  3. Strategic plan: A good SaaS marketing agency has different processes and services. The agency should be able to guide you and suggest a SaaS growth strategy plan for your business.
  4. Ask for Case studies and testimonials: How can you know that the SaaS marketing agency that you are hiring will give you expected results? You should ask them for case studies and testimonials that show how they were able to help their previous clients.
  5. Experience: A SaaS marketing agency that has a great deal of experience is always a good choice. At Least then you are sure that they are not doing trials on you. An experienced agency has a team of experts that have been working in the field for a long time.

Top 10 Reasons to Hire SaaS Marketing Agencies in 2021

Now, you know what a SaaS marketing agency is and how you can choose the best one. But why do SaaS companies in 2021 need to hire a SaaS marketing agency? Keep reading the article to know the top 10 reasons to hire a B2B SaaS marketing agencies for a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform.

1. Expert in Lead Generation

For any business, lead generation is a most important activity. You need to maintain a constant flow of leads to your sales pipeline and attract potential customers. But just generating leads isn’t enough, you need to find high quality leads that fit in your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

The SaaS experts will help you to distinguish between the Sales Qualified leads and Marketing Qualified leads. So you can better engage with different types of leads. This way you can strategize your content and SEO more effectively.

Not only this, expert SaaS consultants will refine your lead generation approach and help you accomplish your MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) goals.

2. Improves your Content Marketing Strategy

SaaS marketing  companies ace it when it comes to content marketing. They are skilled and experienced and know some of the best tactics to influence the audiences. You can discuss, plan, and craft an effective content marketing strategy with them.

When it comes to content it is also very important for you to give assortment and variety. Doing this you can keep your audience interested and engaged. You can include the following:

  • Blogs
  • White papers
  • E-books
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Landing pages
  • Case studies

A SaaS marketing agency will develop impressive and compelling content for your target audience. They will make the content that aligns with your brand value and tells about your products and services. This will put some positive light on your brand but won’t necessarily make it the center. A good SaaS marketing strategy always puts the customer at the center and understands their pain points and goals.

3. Refine your B2B Web Design

A well designed website can actively help you to convert leads into customers. Without a robust website, you can’t attract and keep your customers engaged on your page. A B2B marketing agency will not only restructure your website but use a Growth Driven Design (GDD) to do so.

GDD is a powerful strategy that can redesign your website based on the aspects which are not working for you. Another great feature is that you do not have to lose any customers even if your website is ‘under construction’.

4. Utilize Marketing Automation Software

Hiring B2B SaaS marketing agencies give you access to marketing automation software and technology. These softwares can help you to nurture Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)s to sales, get relevant metrics and stay organized.

Marketing automation softwares highly priced. Nonetheless, the decision makers in the SaaS companies have to think about investing in it for their sales and lead generation.It’s a concern and they have to measure the benefits and potential risks.

SaaS marketing companies cut it all down and it enables the end users to use the costly business technologies at a relatively low price. They don’t need to buy the software as a front face, do updates and routine maintenance.

5. Focuses on Customer Experience

One of the mistakes that SaaS companies in 2021 make is that they don’t focus on their customers’ requirements. It often pisses off the customers when they feel ignored by the SaaS platforms as they are paying money to them every month.

Over here you need to understand that your work doesn’t end by just making good software. It is also vital to deliver the best service. For that you need to have strong customer support in order to maintain your existing clients and keep up with their expectations.

No matter how savvy and easy to use your software is, as your business grows, the number of emails and support tickets will increase. So, to attract more customers and maintain the existing ones you need to update your SaaS services. Having a SaaS marketing agency will let you focus and assist you on your customer services and experience.

6. Measurable SaaS Customer Acquisition

Hiring a B2B marketing agency can help you with your marketing strategy but it won’t be able to help you in the long run. However, a SaaS marketing agency is a better option any time as they specialize in SaaS platforms.

Engaging and hiring SaaS marketing professionals will help you in building an effective SaaS marketing strategy. They will help you in successful SaaS lead generation, customer acquisition and client engagement.

A SaaS marketing agency will watchout your marketing performance, KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) and the conversion rates. Based on that the SaaS experts will modify and refine your marketing strategy and tactics.

7. Knows and keeps up with SaaS marketing trends

We know in this modern world, trends are ever changing and it’s hard to keep up with them all the time. A SaaS type of business is a great opportunity to make more money but it also needs a significant amount of time investment. Creating a SaaS platform is diligent work and comes with a whole lot of responsibilities.

Oftentimes it happens that a SaaS company is busy and invests it’s whole time in developing the SaaS platform. This leaves no room for focusing on marketing trends and some other related aspects.

However, engaging a SaaS marketing agency can help you to keep up with SaaS marketing trends. This goes for digital marketing as well, as it requires constant updating of content to make sure that it’s relevant and trendy.

The SaaS growth marketing has so many different aspects that it makes it impossible to do everything in house. Hiring a team of SaaS professionals will aid you in boosting your lead generation, client retention and customer acquisition. They will make sure that your strategy is refined, updated and keeping up with SaaS marketing trends.

8. Saves Time and Money

Hiring an in- house marketing team can be time consuming and would require a significant amount of money. Also, it will take time for you to filter out the right people for your company. Opting for freelance marketers can be affordable but ultimately the results are not that satisfactory. So, the best option is to go for a SaaS marketing agency.

A SaaS marketing agency being in the field is experienced and would never ask you irrelevant questions. They have tried and tested methods for proceeding with the necessary information. They can start working immediately for you and deliver timely reports for you to double check the progress.

Opting for SaaS marketing professionals will give you peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about your marketing and you can entirely focus on your product. This way you can save your time and operate effectively and efficiently.

9. Boost your SEO

As we know, content is the hero in marketing and we need to highlight it all the time. The best way to do so is to optimize your content and make it appear on the top of the search results. An effective SEO strategy can help your content to be discovered by your audience.

An SEO expert has the extensive knowledge and skill sets that can increase your organic search result. Hiring a B2B marketing agency can help you with their SEO expertise and do the required keyword research and planning. So, you don’t directly have to invest in an SEO software and hire any professional separately for that.

10. Runs effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing has a lot of importance when it comes to B2B SaaS marketing. It is an incredibly powerful way to generate more leads and let your customers know about your services. According to the Campaign Monitor, ‘The ROI( Return On Investment) for email marketing can be as high as 4400%.’

Emails offer value and informative content to your customer and teach them about your software. This way you can tell them how your software is the solution to their problems and guide them in their sales journey.

SaaS experts understand that an effective email marketing strategy can be very beneficial and reap great results. Developing a robust email marketing campaign can be challenging and cumbersome. Engaging a SaaS marketing agency will free you from all this worry as they will make an effective and robust email marketing strategy for you.

Wrapping Up 

The Software as a Service (SaaS) industry is very competitive and ever changing. While a SaaS company is focused more on the service that they are providing, they innately forget to focus on it’s marketing strategy. However, hiring a team of professionals for marketing can be troublesome and time consuming. But don’t make the mistake of engaging just a B2B marketing agency as they would lack SaaS experience and won’t give you great results. You should look out for a SaaS marketing company as they would have expertise in SaaS marketing strategy. There are many additional benefits and reasons for hiring a SaaS marketing agency that we have given above.

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