You might have heard the saying that “Success is achieved by those who are able to analyze the current marketplace, recognize its weaknesses, and make those weaknesses their strengths”.

People who believe that cold calling is dead often say that salespeople should get more training on it. They always tend to suggest that there is a problem with salespeople, and not with the cold calling or script. There can be some truth to this after all, but the below cold calling tips and methods will bring up a little shine. To begin, you first need to know the exact meaning of cold calling.

What is Cold Calling? Cold Calling is the business methodology of connecting the desired customer who had no prior interaction with a customer service representative or making a purchase by any kind of cold call.

The power of Cold Calling is often questioned, as the practice is time-consuming. Yet, the benefits of cold calling include instant feedback, personal connection, and a lower likelihood of being ignored. For the latest companies, it is a quite easier way to inform potential customers and generate contacts.

According to the stats of sales lifecycle

  • Only 1% of cold calls made result in an appointment.
  • Only 28% of cold calls result in conversations.
  • 9 out of 10 top-level B2B decision-makers don’t respond to cold calls.

A cold call should not be mixed up considering a warm call, which may be set up because a prospect has asked a question or visited a website.

What are the best Cold Calling techniques:

  • Research on the prospect and market before making the calls.
  • Use Social Media platforms to improve awareness and possibilities to make a connection.
  • Make a script for each call that focuses on an opening statement, outlines potential benefits for the customer.
  • Ask for the best time to reach the decision-maker directly, usually in the early morning or late afternoon.
  • Concentrate on the end goal by being persistent.

According to a recent study by DiscoverOrg based in Vancouver, WA, stated that  60% of more than 1,000 polled senior executives from the IT Industry reported taking an appointment after receiving a cold call.

If the idea of Cold Calling is not the outdated one then these Cold Calling tips will help you to experience favorable outcomes.

Following are the tips you must follow to increase your results with Cold Calling:

  • Research your markets and prospects before Cold Calling
  • Focus on the goal
  • Know the reason for calling before you call
  • Make a script ready for the rest of your Cold Call.
  • Always try to make a call to the one level higher in an organization than is necessary.
  • Ask for an appointment at a specific time during your Cold Call.
  • Be confident and competent.
  • Prospecting calls on Monday Mornings and Friday Afternoon will not show better results.
  • Have faith in what you’re selling and the benefits that the prospect will receive.
  • Be persistent

Is Cold Calling still effective?

At first glance, Cold Calling may be a difficult way to reach decision-makers. According to the

research Leap Job found that only 2% of Cold Calls result in an appointment, while the Ovation Sales Group stated that the average salesperson takes for minimum 6 hours to set one appointment.

LinkedIn research says that less than 2% of Cold Calls get resulted in a meeting, while a study Research by Baylor University stated that after every 209 calls made, only one appointment or referral gets set. When we think of how few of these appointments will actually get converted to deals, it finds more inefficient still. Implement the below Cold Calling ways to convert your appointment.

  • Plan call times wisely
  • Set a schedule
  • Target the right person
  • Preparation is key
  • Follow up and be persistent
  • Track your progress with data

Before you endure a chance of making an effective Cold Call, you need a well-thought-out approach. Understanding  “when” and “who” can wisely increase your chances of success is important. You then need to know how to handle and follow up on the calls.

Before reviving your calling tricks it’s important to revive your  Dead Leads

To pull off success in sales, you need to be committed to getting leads as Cold Callings are all stuck without the quality leads. Reaching out to them multiple times and finding your prospects regularly is a must. There are some ways you can revive even the coldest of leads. With the following tips, you’ll learn how to turn the dead leads into satisfied clients or appointments.

  • Update your old data.
  • Harness the power of social media.
  • Plan ahead.
  • Bring attention to new features
  • Re-Engage with better content
  • Identify triggers to find opportunities

How to revitalize Cold Calling?

Don’t try to sell a product on a Cold Call. Initially use Cold Calling as a way to begin a relationship that will ultimately end up with a sale. Let’s just focus on practical ways you can use social selling to improve your Cold Calling rates.

  • Be a Product Expert
  • Know who you are calling
  • Define your Objectives
  • Build a Highly Targeted List
  • Engage with Prospects Online
  • Analyze and Adapt
  • Share Insights & Educate
  • Stay Positive

It’s a very likely fact that Cold Calling is the number game. On average it takes 8 Cold Calls attempts to reach a prospect. The more calls you make, the more opportunities you gain to make a sale. Even though after a bad call never leaves a hope, always try to make one more dial.

Cold Calling is tricky, but knowing the tricks makes it worthwhile

By thinking keenly about your approach and arranging it well, you can turn Cold Calling into valuable results. There are still many chances to hear a “no” more often than a “yes”  but, if you handle things steadily, the opportunities for closing big deals are likely to be made. You can also use Social Media platforms to find and analyze your prospect as thoroughly as possible before giving the call. While Cold Calling may not be fun each time, you can get better at every stage of your call, and the more you practice, the more effective a sales technique it will be.

Finally, it’s quite fair to say that there might be a challenge in any business which unfortunately makes the journey much more enthralling. Cold calling can be a difficult part of sales, as it is one of the rewarding adventures of your online sales. As you pick up the phone to call someone, wouldn’t it be nice to have already engaged with them in someplace? Social Media can be helpful in this case.

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