Sales Development Representatives look after the outbound prospecting. They search and reach out to new prospects who might be interested in the offerings that the business offers. These are technically known as leads.

Sales Development Representatives thoroughly be a part of the lead generation team. Their work is recognized by measuring how effectively they move leads through the sales pipeline.

Sales Development Representatives reach out to potential leads or promptly follow up with those who have inquired about your company and offerings. The basic modes for SDR’s are phone, email, and social media – in short, SDRs hit prospects in every direction, so that leads know who they are and what the offering is all about.

The role of a Sales Development Representatives (SDR) is similar to that of a consultant where they actively listen and provide an appropriate solution to prospects. SDR’s understand the prospect’s business model; analyze if your product is a good fit, and educate leads on how your solution can help solve and improve their business.

Understand some roles and responsibilities of an SDR.

  1. Research, identify and prospect for new customers
  2. Make more calls and send more emails
  3. Setup quality meetings and appointments
  4. Qualify leads from marketing campaigns as sales opportunities
  5. Contact potential prospects through cold calls and emails
  6. Present our company to potential prospects
  7. Identify prospect’s needs and suggest appropriate products/services
  8. Build long-term trusting relationships with prospects
  9. Proactively seek new business opportunities in the market
  10. Set up meetings or calls between (proposed) customers and Sales Executives
  11. Report to the Sales Manager on sales results

It gets a little difficult for Sales Development Representatives to utilize the in finding and reaching out to the audience who understands a bit about their business and setting up an introduction meeting with them. 

For these, all barriers which SDR face, you can effortlessly use some strategies to find, reach and connect your interested audience. Below are some SDR strategies that we suggest.

Check out the best strategies that can work for SDRs to stay ahead of the competition :

  1. Great research skills
  2. Offerings Knowledge
  3. Ability to find and target the right audience
  4. Demonstration
  5. Strategy call
  6. Fit assessment
  7. Best Consultation skills
  8. Technical call
  9. Prospecting skills
  10. Art of listening
  11. Use great voicemails
  12. Good understanding of the offerings
  13. Adaptability
  14. Communication skills
  15. Time management

SDRs should fit in with a repeatable and scalable process that comes together with your sales cycle. Also, SDRs should stay focused on their tasks, actions, and goals. Losing focus or trying to do a lot of things can cause incompetence in the sales development process. SDRs should have the complete focus to help grow flexibility and build better outcomes.

If you are still not sure of hiring an SDR, and thinking about the right time to know for hiring an SDR, here’s when you can take your call and find out the appropriate time to hire an SDR:

  1. Your Sales Development Representatives fail to follow up with customer
  2. Sales reps focus on closing than prospecting
  3. Your sales team isn’t cross-selling or helping you to make profits
  4. Your sales pipeline is filled with trash and unworthy deals
  5. Your sales representatives are lacking to follow up and for which you are lacking to stay ahead of the competition.

The last most important part of your Sales Development Representatives is to track every step of your

Tracking the two form matrices when working as an SDR team: operational and strategic. A lot of organizations will have their own set of metrics.

Resilience is important to stay ahead in the game. The role of SDR is still growing day by day and we are bound to learn new insights and get new viewpoints on how the role should be examined and managed as we advance through the digital generation. 

This is why curiosity is a great asset. Be curious about the marketplace you offer your offerings to, be unique about your offerings and brand presence, and be curious about new techniques of helping your customers.

SDR as a Service can become the keystone of your business growth by generating high quality B2B leads. Even if you are a startup or a giant, these tips should help you improve efficiency and drive continued growth.

An outsourced SDR team can ramp up the marketplace and get geared to implement your Lead Generation Campaign. 

Our team at VSynergize standardizes on the sales learning principles by AA-ISP, Sales Gravy, and a lot more. For more assistance reach us now on  +1-732-481-9424 or email at

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