Content Syndication has risen to be one of the top Demand Generation tactics among top B2B marketers. It is an additional spear to the Marketing Archer that helps increase the chances that a prospect will engage with your brand when they are searching or researching a relevant product or topic.

Content syndication can increase your visibility vastly, if done right. Being a targeted and guaranteed performance approach, many B2B marketers still stumble to put together a comprehensive Content Syndication Strategy. Here are some of the top mistakes B2B Marketers make while distributing content for strategic audiences.

#Not using Intent Data for your campaigns

Without using Intent Data, you are just shooting bullets in the air. Intent Data goes beyond just basic demographics, geographics and firmographic info. It helps you target customers when they are searching for a solution/product/service that your business offers. By integrating Intent Data you can understanding of when, where and what topics your prospects are exploring and amplify the value of your content syndication campaign.

#Not enough content

Publishers need enough content to deliver you the leads target. Buyers prefer different information formats and have expectations when they come across content received. It is important to test different form formats like whitepapers, ebooks, reports, videos, infographics, recorded webinars; this will help you scope out the which flavour gives you high volume leads with quality. While you cater to different levels of prospects, you will receive ROI from your content investments.

# Insufficient Lead follow up

Lack of timely follow up is one of the key factors for a Content Syndication plan to fail. The strategy should include a plan to nurture the leads with a mix of email, social media and phone being used. Every every content syndication lead should receive immediate, automated email follow-up upon being imported into your marketing or CRM database.

# Not developing a long term strategy

Many brands overlook of what has worked for them and instead start creating new content just for the sake of it. By doing this you will not only lose the investment  made in your previous campaign but will also fail to capitalise on the on the messaging via different channels. The most important task is to figure out how to get the messaging that is already working out for the entire audience in innovative methods. The better approach is to drive your Content Syndication efforts through a publisher network and focus on the channels that are producing results and replicate those efforts.

#No Content Strategy.

Often brands have Content Syndication than ends up just amplifying the noise while failing to connect with the proper audience. The challenge is to put together an overall content messaging framework that is tied back to your marketing and sales initiatives to a targeted audience. An aligned content strategy will not only help you expand  your reach, but also amplify the message you are trying to distribute via different channels.

Lastly, Not choosing the right publisher can create a blockage to a successful Content Syndication campaign.  Not all publishers are created equal, and it takes some work to find partners that will work for you. Content syndication isn’t easy, but with the right knowledge, partner  and technology, it’s an effective strategy to accelerate your sales and meet your revenue goals.

VSynergize will be glad to guide you to put together a winning Content Syndication strategy and achieve a successful pipeline. If you have any questions shoot us an email at or call on +1-732-481-9424.

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