Lead Generation is the most important task for B2B companies. There are many lead generation strategies and tactics that sales and marketing teams use. Lead generation is basically the process of identifying the prospects and sourcing their information. Once you get the leads in your sales funnel you have to carry out the lead nurturing process to push them to the end. However, there are many ways to do lead generation but the lead generation trends keep constantly evolving. This makes it difficult  for the B2B marketers to persistently keep up with these trends. Now, first let us have a look at the Top 6 lead generation trends that have emerged in 2021.

Top 6 Lead Generation Trends in 2021

#1 TREND- Personalized Outreach with Intent Data

The main aim of B2B marketing is to identify and bring about qualified leads. By using the Intent data you can understand the needs and the pain points of your prospects better. This can help you to tailor your brand messages according to the problem areas of your potential customers.

Creating personalized marketing campaigns can help you in reaping better results. You can buy Intent data from the data providers and use it to target your prospects more effectively. Personalization makes your potential customers believe that you actually understand their needs and problems.

#2 TREND- Conversational Marketing

Nowadays, people are proactive and want fast solutions. Conversational marketing via chatbots is something that is on rise these days. People visit websites and they directly type their queries and questions into the chatbots to get answers.

Chatbots are an artificial intelligence tool that can be set to interact with the customers. They respond in real time when a particular set of words or query has been entered. They can also be a great source to collect lead data such as names, email addresses, phone numbers and contact information, etc.

You can also use chatbots on your facebook business page as they are free and don’t require coding experience. The website bots can help you to interact with your customers 24/7 at their convenience. This inturn will increase your engagement rate.

#3 TREND- Voice and Search Marketing

According to the Canalys survey, “The number of smart speaker owners is 66.4 million in the U.S. and 133 million around the world.” Voice search is becoming increasingly popular these days. People prefer to speak and ask questions instead of going to the search inbox and typing it. The businesses have started optimizing their websites for voice or speech search.

You can use the keywords and mimic them in the real life speech patterns. This way when people will ask questions in a conversational manner, your website voice search will come on the top. It will help you to bring in more website traffic and generate more leads.

You can use voice search tools such as BuzzSumo for analyzing the questions that are frequently asked. Using it you can curate voice search content that can help you to get ranked on top.

#4 TREND- Video Content Marketing 

The best way to keep your audience engaged is to create impressive and informative content. According to the report by Hubspot, “The trend of video marketing has been opted by 81% of the businesses.” It also has marked an increase of 18% as compared to the previous year.

People these days prefer to watch videos, webinars, demos and live streams on websites and social media platforms. The reason being the fact that they are easy to understand and you can get a lot of information in less time. Using video content marketing you can advance your lead generation technology and enhance your customer engagement.

#5 TREND- Using Influencers for B2B Marketing Plan

Nowadays, businesses are seeking social media influencers as they can aid in lead generation tactics. According to a report, “Influencer marketing has increased nearly twice in 2019.” Influencers have a pool of existing audience and they might have many of your potential customers. This way by doing influencer marketing you can directly influence your potential leads. However, the point to be kept in mind over here is that you must find the right influencers. By right influencers we mean finding the influencers that share the same core values as your brand.

Connecting with influencers and making them promote your brand and service goes a long way. It can boost up your B2B lead generation and build trust of your customers. You must make sure that the influencers are backlinking and mentioning your website.

You can also use influencer’s testimonials to post on your brand profile and social media pages. Just tapping into the following of the influencers is not the primary goal. You must first take the influencer on your side and build credibility.

#6 TREND- Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing Services has gained popularity in recent years due to its effectiveness. The ABM strategy is based on targeting the right fit accounts with personalization and best resources.

According to SiriusDecisions, “70% of the B2B companies have departments that are partially or fully dedicated to ABM programs.” The main reason for ABM to get in trend is it’s results in conversion rates. Instead of focusing your sales and marketing resources on a bulk audience you can directly target the high value accounts.This can give you better return on investment as the personalization increases the engagement rate.

Account Based Marketing also makes it easier for tracking and measuring progress. The strategic ABM focuses on building relationships with the customers and further leading them to closing deals.

Over to you…

Lead generation is the main priority of all the B2B businesses. But just getting loads of leads in the sales funnel isn’t the real deal. You need to convert those leads into the customers by influencing them through quality and meaningful content. This process goes a long way and requires consistent efforts.

Lead generation marketing trends also keep constantly changing and evolving. To stay highlighted and at the top of your B2B marketing game you must adapt to these trends. This will not only help you in lead generation but bring about better customer experiences. As a result you will be able to secure more deals and get higher ROI.

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