The global eCommerce market touched USD 13 Trillion market share in 2021 and is expected to become a whopping USD 55.6 Trillion industry by 2027 while growing at a CAGR of 27.4% from 2022 to 2027. Organizations working in this space can further augment their growth prospects by enabling advanced working mechanisms. Various business processes can be executed in a much enhanced and efficient way in the eCommerce vertical and give far better outcomes. Workflow automation is a smarter way to scale the level of eCommerce business success and improve the bottom line.

This blog helps you explore the areas where you can successfully implement workflow automation systems to reap greater business benefits for the eCommerce domain.

What is workflow automation, and why use it for an E-commerce site?

It is an approach to create the flow of business tasks, information, and documents in the organization as per defined business rules. The key idea behind using workflow automation solutions is to identify repetitive or manual tasks and then automate them to save valuable staff hours while gaining greater efficiency, accuracy, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Areas Where You Can Use E-commerce Workflow Automation Software

1. Reward Loyal Customers

As per one research, it is found that the probability of selling a product/service to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the probability of selling to a new customer is just 5-20%. Workflow optimization using eCommerce automation can help you boost sales by rewarding the most engaged customers for their loyalty. E-commerce workflow management software lets you tag what people are buying. Once a customer reaches a certain purchase value, you can use targeted marketing to attract them further. For example, you can set a business rule to send automated generated discount codes to a customer who has spent over $300 on your products.

2. Email Segmentation

Email marketing plays an important role in the growth of any business and eCommerce is no different. But sending emails blindly based on core data is not an effective way to run this operation. Email list segmentation based on behavioral intent is vital for more effective and positive results. You can create business logic and automate email list segmentation by doing workflow optimization using eCommerce automation. This way, eCommerce workflow management software enables you to sync your email client list with your CRM system as well. Segmentation helps in running efficient targeted marketing campaigns and impressively boosts the conversion rate from prospects to customers. It is a critical task that you can automate using intelligent workflow tools.

3. Social Media Sharing

Effective social media marketing is an indispensable part of the eCommerce business. This is why online retailers use so much time on social media to create and share content to engage their targeted audience. By using eCommerce automation to execute workflow optimization, you can schedule social media posts automatically and also decide how they are distributed. With workflow automation tools, enterprises can reap the benefits of social media marketing without investing much time in it.

4. Lead Nurturing

Not all visitors that come to eCommerce websites become a customer for the first time. Many show interest but then lose somewhere without buying anything. With robust and intelligent workflow optimization, you can understand your visitors better and segment their buying journey by analyzing past data. Further, using persuasive content you can automate lead nurturing campaigns to attract lost visitors again to your brand and convince them to buy more from you.

5. Purchase Order Automation

In the eCommerce business cycle, a certain point comes periodically for each item when the inventory level reaches the threshold value and the enterprise needs to order products from suppliers. Manual order processing is time-consuming and disrupts the supply chain momentum adversely. Enterprises can execute workflow optimization and automatically generate new orders based on incoming sales orders using business process automation solutions or BPM software. When the available inventory reduces to a predetermined level, the order can be generated automatically. You can also create business rules to set the preference of suppliers for different items.

6. Vendor Onboarding

Whenever an eCommerce enterprise switches or adds a new supplier, a lot of information needs to be shared and documents need to be analyzed. Further, you need to exchange payment and tax details as well. Workflow optimization using eCommerce automation makes this task easier, takes the burden away from employees and lets them focus better on other critical tasks. BPM platforms ensure a smooth vendor onboarding and boosts the pace of this important task. Also, an intelligent eCommerce business process automation tool can help eCommerce businesses select the best vendors in less time to help enterprises to meet desired KPIs efficiently.

7. Shipping Labels

Failed deliveries due to human errors cause huge expenses to companies in the longer run. An employee can mistype an address on the shipping label, or an order can be incorrectly recorded as complete in the system. Workflow optimization can make your process more efficient and intelligent automation further makes your labeling process error-free. Whenever an error occurs, an intelligent system can help you auto-correct things. For example, after writing the complete address, if the executive types pincode wrongly, then an intelligent system can help you correct the error by verifying details as per available information and advanced algorithm.

8. Track Call History

Often, a representative needs to log in to various systems and fetch multiple information to track the customer’s history. It not just takes much time but also frustrates the employee and degrades the customer experience. Workflow optimization using automation can enable agents to get all the required information with just a single click. It helps greatly in resolving queries appropriately and within a stipulated time frame. It also assists sales staff to avoid missteps that usually happen during closing a deal.

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