The 2019 B2B Marketing Exchange is less than a week away; bringing together top Thought Leaders and practitioners to get inspired and prepared to tackle the latest marketing trends, market conditions and buyer realities with gusto. It’s going to be a powerful sunny weather in Scottsdale!

Besides the sunshine, B2BMX is one of the best Marketing conferences out there that is actually focused on Marketing. Gearing up to be the biggest and best in its history, B2BMX is targeted with six tracks focusing on Demand Generation, Content Marketing, ABM, Channel Marketing, Sales Enablement and Digital Strategy. Here are some of the reasons why we think B2BMX is well-worth the trip.

The Millennial keynote speaker

With the ton of sessions slated for B2BMX, the keynote session titled Millennial Mindset: How To Market, Collaborate & Connect With Digital Natives by Brian Fanzo,  esteemed Millennial keynote speaker and Founder of iSocialFanz is the one to look forward to attending. His address help attendees master a Millennial mindset and market, collaborate and connect with digital natives.

Impressive Speakers Squad

Between the six different tracks and the main stage, B2BMX will have more than 90 sessions that include panels and standalone presentations. No doubt, we’re excited to hear from C-level executives and marketers from some of the biggest brands. But we also can’t wait to hear from the diverse range of Thought Leaders, B2B practitioners, agencies, analysts and luminaries.

Growth Marketing Curriculum

This year B2BMX is introducing a new curriculum for marketers in the early stages of growth and maturity – The Growth Marketing Curriculum. It will spotlight sessions across all the tracks, allowing attendees to customize their own targeted agenda. The specific sessions throughout the event will enable small to midsize companies to pick up building-block approaches to support growth initiatives within their companies.

Tailored Team Track sessions

At B2BMX there is a piece of cake for all teams – marketing, sales and demand-gen folks. One can attend focused sessions as per your needs and interests, plus you will encounter fellow colleagues with a variety of perspectives and insights to share as you network.

The Finnys – Killer Content Awards

You get an exclusive intel on amazing campaigns and initiatives from brands you know and admire; on how companies are embracing new rules of engagement and transforming them into cutting-edge campaigns that utilize new storytelling methods and new amplification channels. And ofcourse network with the marketers firsthand! That’s why The Finnys is a must-attend for your team. We get to chat one-on-one with some of the brightest minds in B2B, and get best practices from their success stories.

Get a CMO Mentor

In the new addition on the B2BMX, rising marketing stars (manager and director level) will have the opportunity to sign up for 1:1 meetings with established and regarded heads of marketing, where they will spend 15 minutes in breakout conversations with the next generation of CMOs, offering advice and guidance on topics.

Networking with the crème de la crème

It’s always fun to meet old friends, meet new faces and hear what other marketers are upto; have a one-on-one chat with some of the brightest minds in B2B, and get best practices from their success stories. With almost 1000+ marketers around, Scottsdale will be definitely blazing!

Get the Incredible B2BMX Experience

With the best content that is relevant to your growth as a Marketing professional and an awesome speaker lineup that delivers a mix of different perspectives, ideas and opportunities to learn; B2BMX is going to be a killer conference. The experiences attendees have is personal –  right from breakfast sessions, expert one-on-ones, multiple tracks to attend as per their needs.

And at last, B2BMX is in Scottsdale

With the live music, outside lunches and activities,  sunny Scottsdale in February will help you facilitate mixing and mingling, which it works beautifully for the three days there. So shaking up your routine, open your mind to new ideas and renew your enthusiasm for the year ahead.

We you can’t wait to meet you there! Our CMO Trish Agarwal would love to hangout with you can chat about the latest Marketing trends and best practices in the industry. Don’t miss it because there won’t be another B2BMX until 2020 and your pipeline can’t wait that long.

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