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Top 9 signs your customer care service sucks

Excellent customer service is a necessity for every business, regardless of industry or business model. Businesses know that providing a positive customer care experience for buyers is of utmost importance that can impact their growth. Research shows that poor customer service costs US business companies more than $75 billion in 2018 which is almost $13 billion more since 2016.

Also, 80% companies believe that they deliver superior customer service, yet only 8% customers actually agree to the above point. This is a huge gap which needs to be addressed. Stating a bad customer care service experience, customers have pointed out to things like speed of service and having to explain their issue to multiple agents. In today’s age it is no good enough to wait for a bad customer service experience to happen, and then react. Companies and brands need to catch support disasters way before they happen. Here are 5 cues to know whether your customer service needs extra attention:

1. You may not have latest technology stacks like Chatbot

As companies grow exponentially, a need arises for a way to address the increasing customer demands and queries. The benefits of a chatbot over a human agent in a call center are obvious. It can work 24*7, quicker, efficient, and much less prone to error. It is important to remember that Chatbots are not as intelligent as humans, meaning that complicated queries or instructions will not be comprehensible to them. But any quick task or query is serviced much better in every aspect by a Chatbot.

2. You have lower return customers

Customers generally do not switch brands that give them skilled, efficient, convenient, service, they’ll stick to them forever. When people switch companies, they don’t do it for fun. They do because they are not satisfied with their previous experience. A drop in return customers is a major sign that your customer service is failing. Once you start hemorrhaging new customer acquisition money, you’ll really regret your inability to keep your old customers happy.

3. You see lot of escalations

Your front-line customer service may not be able to handle some delicate sutaution, which is unavoidable. But if more than one in 10 or 20 have to shift to a higher tier of service, that means your customer service people are either under-trained or under-empowered. You should find a way to provide the team with knowledge to fix specific customer problems.

4. Your advertising budget keep increasing

Customer service can play a significant role in whether potential customers choose to purchase from or work with your business. The costs for attracting and advertising to a new customer is more than retaining the existing ones. And customer service plays a major role in this process. According to survey, 86% customers who rate a company’s customer service as excellent will repurchase from that company.

5. You are not investing enough in training

Let your agents decide what action is appropriate in any given situation and give them training and support to make the right call. It is important to invest in staffing so you create enough space and capacity to allow your team to provide exceptional service. An unhappy customer service representatives quickly translate into unhappy customers.

6. You don’t have an omni-channel customer service

The more easier and faster method your customer can reach to you, the happier and satisfied they will be. Since we are in the age of texting and instant messaging, customer service communication tools have branched out from the traditional call centre model. A customer care support needs to have an intuitive, multi-dimensional customer care interface with email, chat and call options which will help streamline the customer care experience; allowing both the customer and the customer care team resolve challenges effectively and directly.

7. You focus too much on turnaround times

While being quick is good, but customer care is much more about competent and helpful service. Faster does not necessarily mean better. Although we all want customer issues to be solved quickly, it would be better if it is addressed thoroughly. It won’t matter if your agents can service 100 or more customer per day if none of those customers feels that their issue was truly resolved.

8. You think customer support comes after the close

Consumers want to find quick answers to their queries during the pre-purchase phase. 83% consumers require customer support during an online purchase. Provide your customers with access to live customer support agents and empower your customer support team with answerable product knowledge. This can help brands to open up themselves to increased sales and order value.

9. You have unreasonable employee quota

If you have set your customer care team employees with unreasonable quota to fulfill, they will in turn provide rushed half-assed service. 73% of dissatisfied customers leave a brand because they render incompetent, rude and rushed service. Companies are getting rid of unreasonable quotas because it takes a toll on the level of their customer satisfaction.

If you admit to the above points, then its a clear sign that your customer service sucks. Customer support is no easy task. However, by opening your awareness to the above concerns and taking steps to rectify deficiencies in your approach. Outsourcing your customer support service to VSynergize can significantly reduce your time, efforts, and expenses. We can get you started in 24-48 hrs, if you have any questions shoot us an email at or call on +1-732-481-9424. To fall short on customer service is to fall short of the competition.

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