Account-Based Marketing has become an essential part of B2B Marketers’ marketing strategy. According to a report, “70% of the B2B Marketers has used ABM processes for fueling their pipeline in 2021.” However, leveraging the maximum benefits from ABM is the real task for B2B Marketers. Account-Based Marketing helps marketers align sales and marketing teams and support business growth. Read the blog till the end, as we will discuss some of the Top Account-Based Marketing campaigns that you can implement.

Why Account-Based Marketing?

Account-Based Marketing is a targeted approach for high-value accounts to generate sales faster. B2B companies use ABM programs to sell their services to mid and higher-level businesses. The B2B decision-making process is quite complex and involves targeting multiple buyers.

The following studies and reports show the results of executing ABM campaigns:

  • ABM benchmarking study shows that an Account-Based Marketing plan improves Customer Lifetime Value by 80%, improves win rates by 86%, and gets higher ROI by 76% than traditional marketing methods.
  • Account-Based Marketing gives a 48% higher win rate and creates opportunities in 21% of the target accounts.
  • As per the study released by ABM Leadership Alliance, Companies that used an Account-Based Marketing strategy saw an increase of 171% in their Average Contract Value (ACV).

Account-Based Marketing has become the choice of B2B Marketers because of its results. ABM strategy looks promising for the B2B Marketers and can help to boost the sales rate.

Best ABM Campaigns To Boost Your Sales Funnel In 2022

The figures above show that Account-Based Marketing platforms are highly effective and using it in the right way can give great results. Therefore, it is important that you imply different ABM strategies to decide which one works best for your business. Below we have discussed some of the best ABM campaigns that can help you improve your ROI.

1. Account Selection and Qualification

The main agenda of ABM is to target a narrow list of accounts and align the sales and marketing teams to focus on them. You don’t want bad leads for your team that won’t convert and lead to missed sales opportunities. For that, it is important that you set up a lead qualification and selection process. You can set standard attributes such as company size, revenue, tech stack, designation, etc for qualifying accounts.

Along with that, you can create an Ideal Customer Profile that will help your sales and marketing team execute the qualification process. An Ideal Customer Profile has all the defined traits that your customers should have. You can make an Ideal Customer Profile and buyer persona even by looking at your existing customers.

2. Targeted Content

The best way to grab the attention of the audience is by using targeted content in your marketing campaigns. Content is an important part of your website, social media, and marketing strategy. Therefore, publishing relevant content can help you engage and motivate your leads faster.

B2B Marketers can use buyers’ intent data to know topics prospects are searching for. Then, they can use this information to develop content and publish it on social media and websites. For your content marketing strategy, you can include a variety of posts such as blogs, eBooks, infographics, images, whitepapers and case studies, etc.

3. Run Email Marketing Campaigns

Emails are an effective way of connecting with potential customers and making them aware of your business. To start with your Account-Based Marketing tactics, you can send out direct and personalized emails. According to a report by GetResponse, a personalized email has a 5% click-through rate and 29% open rate. However, the most important thing is that the prospects should open your emails. You need to delve into the customer’s mindset and understand their problems for that to happen.

To better focus on the prospects, you can segment them into different categories based on factors like geography, income, designation, etc. This way, you will be better able to personalize your email marketing content based on their problem or concern.

Personalized  B2B emails are a proven way to establish a connection with potential customers. Certain factors contribute to the success of ABM email marketing campaigns like templates used, sending time, tracking and response time, etc.

4. Use Social Media

Nowadays, social media has become a powerful tool for B2B Marketers. You can use social media to understand your target accounts better and see the content they are following, engaging with, etc. By examining different social media posts that your prospects interact with, you can gather tons of information.

Social media is a good platform for establishing personalized connections with customers. These days it is common for people to share their problems and ask questions on social media. You can use this as an opportunity and respond to them with your relevant and valuable content. You can also create and publish content based on what your prospects prefer and like on social media. There are other social media features that you can utilize, such as direct messaging, commenting, sharing, and chat.

5. Host Events and Webinars

Hosting events and webinars can help you understand your customers and their preferences in real-time. Instead of looking at prospects as accounts, you need to understand that they are humans. A person behind the account has emotions, feelings, and buying habits that can be influenced. You can initiate a personal connection with the prospects by conducting live events and webinars. This will also lead you to understand their preferences, issues, and solutions that they are looking for.

Apart from that, in-person meetings are a better opportunity to talk and make potential customers make that final decision. You can also set up webinars if it’s impossible to conduct real-time events. By organizing webinars, you can connect with various people from different places at the same time. You can give your target audience complete information and demos of your service and answer any questions that they may have.

The Final Note

ABM is a highly targeted approach recently taken up by the B2B Marketers. It involves synchronizing the sales and marketing teams and conducting research. For successful ABM  campaigns, it’s necessary to carry out the lead qualification and account selection process. Make sure that your sales and marketing teams are aligned to leverage the maximum benefits of the ABM strategy. The highlight of ABM is that it targets high-value accounts and creates faster sales opportunities.

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