Women are leading the game in almost every walk of life. In the world of B2B marketing, women have made an incredible impact around the world on brands large and small. From successful marketing campaigns, to leading teams that drive sale pipeline results, to development of inventive lead generation tactics–there are no limits to touch the sky.

Recently, the 8th edition of the B2B Marketing Exchange by Demand Gen Report concluded on a high note with 1000+ Marketers in Scottsdale, Arizona. This year B2BMX had six tracks that focused on the top core disciplines of B2B marketing: Content Strategy, Demand Gen, Sales Enablement, Digital Strategy, Channel Strategy and Account-Based Marketing.  And right from Marketing Automation to mastering Account Based Marketing or Social Media, Women were significant contributors to the three-day agenda. These women work in a variety of B2B contexts and for companies large, mid-sized–and even self-founded.

Women In B2B: How & Why Visionary Brands Are Embracing Diversity At All Levels & Paving Sky’s-The-Limit Career Paths

Melissa Chang, Pure B2B | Jen Spencer, VP of Sales and Marketing at SmartBug Media | Lauren Witte, Content Strategist at Axosoft | Corrine Sklar, CMO, Bluewolf CMO & Co-Founder of The Women Innovators Network  | Lia Hanson, Director of Demand Generation at Demandbase

The panel discussed how visionary brands have embraced a new perspective on diversity and

how companies are ensuring that women entering the job market for the first time or considering a career change will find opportunities expanding for them in the technology industry and beyond.

5 Creative Ideas To Support Sales Enablement For Specific ABM Initiatives

Pam Didner, Relentless Pursuit, LLC

Pam took off her session on breaking down ABM in plain English “ Marketers leverage existing elements creatively to help Sales close deals”. The session discussed pros and cons of several approaches that support sales enablement for ABM programs; sharing case studies and best practices around strategic planning, message crafting and personalized content to campaign execution.

Tapping Influencers To Fuel Your Content Creation Engine

Amanda Maksymiw, Content marketer, Fuze

“Don’t forget about lowercase influencers” said Amanda, as she shared various tactics and strategies for influencer marketing as an engagement strategy.

Demand Gen Power Panel: Perspectives From Industry Vanguards Driving Successful Engagement

Jenn Steele, CMO, Madison Logic | Brandi Smith, VP of Demand Gen, Uberflip | Michelle Liro,  VP of Demand Gen, PTC  | Sherrie Mersdorf, VP of Marketing, Evariant

The Power Panel discussed real-world perspectives and examples from some of the top minds in demand gen, including the channels, tactics and tools they are applying to gain buyers’ attention in a noisy world.

5 B2B Marketing Trends You Need To Know About In 2019

Maureen Maggioni, Director, Pardot Product Marketing

“69% of business buyers expect companies to anticipate their needs”  said Maureen on the importance of personalization. The top five marketing trends in B2B are:

  • Business buyers expect increased personalization
  • Marketing and sales alignment engages B2B buyers
  • High-performing teams leverage account-based marketing
  • AI, VR, and AR offer innovative engagement opportunities
  • Data drives intelligent B2B marketing decisions

Conversations Are Critical: Make The Move From Monologue To Dialogue

Ardath Albee, Marketing Interactions

B2B Marketing Strategist Ardath Albee said “With some creativity and a metaphor, you can really draw attention and have people think differently”. The session covered shifts to make to monologues to turn them into dialogues without reinventing the wheel.

Martech, Process And People: A Journey To Channel Transformation

Liz Cope, Director of Marketing Technology & Operations, Ingersoll Rand

“The real value and use of MarTech and automated marketing process is the humanizing potential” said Liz as she spoke on key technologies, processes, and organizational structure to transform  channel marketing strategy.

Optimizing Partner Communication

Heather Margolis, Channel Maven Consulting

Heather session shows ways that you can stop bombarding and start engaging with partners, and how to build a matrix of communication so partners get information when and where they want it

Applying ABM Principles To Target SMBs

Masha Finkelstein, Growth Marketing, Devices and Mobility, Google

“Just like you select target enterprise accounts among large organizations, select target segments when going after small and medium businesses” said Masha, as she shared the ABM FIRE methodology – Fit, Intent, Relationship, Engagement.

Scaling Account-Based Sales-Marketing At Autodesk — How To Scale An ABM Program Globally To 10K Accounts In One Year

Nathalie Moore, Manager, AEC Account Based Marketing, Autodesk

Nathalie spoke about how integrating ABSM tech tools optimized Autodesk’s Sales and Marketing workflow. She had five considerations to help you get your ABM strategy off the ground:

  • Executive Buy-In
  • Align with Sales
  • Emotional Connection
  • Test & Optimize
  • Select the right Accounts

It’s international Women’s Day and in the name of girl power we pulled together some excellent content from a few B2B ladies out there. Wishing all to find happiness in B2B!

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