Time management is the utmost requirement for sales teams to succeed. According to a recent study, sales reps spend only 33% of their time each day actually selling, nearly two-thirds (64.8%) of their time, on average, is spent in non revenue-generating activities.

To deal with such challenges, sales engagement tools are godsend for marketing and sales teams, allowing them to work more efficiently, responsive to customer demands, gain strategic insights, maintaining existing clients and drastically eliminating scope of human error.

Engagements is often the missing piece of the large picture for those looking to maintain SOV and acquire leads with robust volume. Sales engagements tools have specific feature and are designed to streamline your marketing and sales efforts. While engagements tools are not a one fit for all, we have put together some of the must use sales engagement tools you should leverage to transform your team into a productive and profitable engine in 2019


Voogy will help you automate the way you discover and reach out to new prospects. The platform tracks your inbound visitors, reverse engineer their IP and identify the best people to reach out too live and automate their intent interest based full engagement.

With Voogy’s recent acquisition of Salestools.io, the platform will be able to supplement its unrivalled company and contact information with real-time alerts that enable sales and marketing professionals to sell based on customer technology decisions, visitor locations and company names.

ConnectAnd Sell

ConnectAndSell helps you accelerate uour customer outreach process and overcomes the limitations of conventional dialers; reducing the response time rate for inbound leads. Using patented sales enablement technologies, ConnectAndSell promises to infuse a new name on your lead list every few minutes. Ramp up your win rates by increasing the number of your daily conversations.


Use Vidyard to strategically deploy videos in your sales process. Videos are the fastest growing content format on the web, and  have a tendency to improve conversions by more than 80%. With Vidyard you get to inform, educate and delight leads better, you also get a better shot at closing deals and increasing revenue.


Apollo is a revenue acceleration platform, to spark opportunities, increase engagement rates, close larger deals, and accelerate sales velocity. Apollo helps to empower your team to reach the right contacts at the right time, with the perfect message intelligently crafted at speed and scale. Apollo’s predictive prospecting, sales engagement, and actionable analytics helps your team reach its full revenue potential.


Slack helps you connect your conversations with the tools and services that you use to get the job done. Slack is a platform where teams can come together to collaborate, important information can be found by the right people, and your tools pipe in information when and where you need it.


Nudge analyzes your prospect’s behavioral patterns and gives you real-time recommendations on how best to connect with your customers at every moment of the engagement cycle. You can integrate Nudge with Chrome, Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Office, Slack, Salesforce and other software in your toolbox to get actionable intel about the customer while you write emails or browse the web.


Databox enables to automate the client reporting process by compiling data from many popular marketing software and services –Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter, Linkedin Company Pages and Instagram. Databox becomes the single place where your agency’s team can set goals, monitor progress, calculate ROI numbers and receive alerts when things aren’t going to plan.


Traditional document management practices take an awful lot of time, sapping your team’s productivity. PandaDoc streamlines your content and documentation workflows using engagement, analytics and collaboration. Build, present, edit, track and manage all your documents in one place.


Contracts evolve over time. Signatories from different parties typically would want to mutually modify the terms of agreement amid changes in their relationships or in conditions relevant to the contract. DocuSign makes this back and forth collaboration easier and faster to conduct and complete. The service also integrates well with most CRMs and other business solutions.


Seamless AI is a powerful personal assistant powered by artificial intelligence. Seamless AI uses publicly available information to build and qualify its database of contacts. In theory, all of the information they have is available to anybody but it is the time spent searching for the information where Seamless AI really helps. Additionally, Seamless AI integrates with almost every CRM so that you can easily import contacts and manage relationships.


Outreach is an all-in-one sales engagement platform that provides automated sales sequences, a sales dialer, sales emails and tracking, and automated meeting scheduling.  By integrating Outreach into your CRM, you’ll never have to manually log your messaging activities and outcomes, freeing more time for you to book more meetings, close deals and make better-informed decisions.

Visualize ROI

VisualizeROI offers an intuitive ROI, TCO, and value selling engagement solution. Ideal for product marketing, sales operations, and channel management executives who desire to deploy ROI models to engage clients.VisualizeROI makes it easy for sales executives and marketing professionals to communicate value propositions to prospects and customers.


Groove is Gmail and Google Calendar integration for Salesforce that allows you to sync and update data directly to Salesforce from your Gmail account. With all-in-one analytic features, sales reps can view activity and process those analytics based on their job roles. Groove is a simple user-friendly engagement platform that delivers everything it says it does. Many


Yesware is an  email platform service that runs in the background of your email client, syncs with CRM, and provides prescriptive analytics on how to best engage prospects at each stage of the selling cycle. Yesware tracks and analyzes email, call and presentation data as gleaned from your inbox then automatically syncs with Salesforce, lending more transparency while eliminating the need for manual data entry.


Conversica is an AI-driven sales tool that automates, streamlines and upscales your lead contact and qualification process. The Conversica sales assistant will relentlessly but smartly continue to engage customers using natural language until they are ready for human sales professionals to come in and close the deal.


LeanData enhances your sales process by enabling precise customizations of your lead routing strategy. Use LeanData’s visually intuitive and insight-driven lead management features to optimize your topline potential by consistently assigning the right leads to the right reps.


Find out the good and the bad in your sales conversations.Using AI technology, Gong automatically records and transcribes sales calls, then generates actionable analyses and insight on how your team can improve their pitches.

Sales torch

Sales Torch is a suite of tools for modern day sales reps that want to stay personal. Torch automatically sorts all your outreach, so you have a clear list of who they need to follow-up with, and when. With Torch, you can also find email, track opens, and download the folder of your need follow-ups as a .Csv


FrontSpin simplifies your sales cycle, enabling you to connect with more leads via Power Dialer; hike engagement via personalized Sales Email; and quicken lead generation via account-based Playbooks. FrontSpin centralizes call lists, voicemails, email templates and notifications, social media messaging and other channels you use in nurturing leads and closing deals.

If CRM is the only technology enabler you’re currently using, your competitors are likely leaving you in the dust.

Rather than being on the sidelines and allowing your competition gain advantage, consider how the above tools can ensure that you stay one step ahead of the competition. Consider investing in a sales engagement tool – it’ll be worth it.

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