Every business wants to succeed and earn more profits by lead generation. Nowadays, there are a variety of sales tools available in the market to improve efficiency. These tools offer vast possibilities and can help better achieve the sales goals. Sales intelligence can accelerate your sales process and can help you in making informed decisions. It can automate many tasks without overcomplicating and stretching the process. These resources can aid your sales and marketing professionals to keep up with the customers and bring in more deals. Now, let us have a look at the top Sales Technology that you can adopt for more conversions.

Top 6 Sales Technologies to adopt for more Sales Conversions

1. CRM Platforms

Lead generation and lead nurturing can be a perplexing and time consuming task. You can connect with the customers through emails, live chats, phone calls, websites and social media etc. Another factor that is difficult is to get customer information and data analysis. Here, the CRM software and technology comes as a saviour.

CRM solutions can help the sales and marketing teams for streamlining their operations and tasks. The CRM platforms provide many advantages such as multichannel communications, and routine task automation. Using CRM tools you can increase your sales and do the following things:

  • Lead Management
  • Sales Analytics
  • 360 customer view
  • Data Compilation
  • Activity management
  • Campaign management
  • Report management

CRM can help you to manage various activities, customer data and access reports at one place. You can also integrate CRM on your phone system. This can help you to prevent data losses, improve efficiency and reduce the overall cost.

2. Intelligent Communication Tools

In this modern era, Artificial Intelligence has made its way to the marketing and sales field. Artificial Intelligence can help enhance the marketing and sales efforts by qualifying leads and optimizing many tasks. It can aid you in bringing forth the best customer experience by adding personalization and targeted content. The best example of AI tools is the chatbots.


AI tools can help you to manage customer data and communication history. This can help your sales reps’ to save time and drive more conversions. As we know sales representatives can’t be available 24/7. Here, the AI powered chatbots come into play. They can reply to the customers by identifying a particular set of words and resolve basic queries and issues. This can in turn help in reducing the basic customer service interaction and thus saving time.

3. Voice Search SEO

Nowadays, people want everything at ease and thus the invention of Voice Search. Voice search is becoming popular in mobile and smart devices. People instead of typing their queries use voice search in search engines. Thus, just optimizing your website with keywords isn’t enough, you must optimize voice search to get maximum results.

By optimizing your website for voice search you can make your website appear on the top of the voice search results. This will indeed enhance the visibility of your website  and you will be able to drive in more traffic to your website. But with voice search you must make sure that your content is structured so that it stands on the top of the search results. Using keywords that answer the issues of the customers will help you to stand out among other competitors.

4. Mobile Optimization

According to a study by Dynamic Yield, “76% of consumers shop on mobile devices and claim that it saves time. It also reveals that only 12% of consumers are satisfied with mobile shopping.”

Nowadays, mobiles have become an integral part of our lives. Many people use mobiles for searching and to do online shopping. So, you must design the mobile version of your website that is adaptive and responsive. However, sometimes the mobile website versions are also not able to give as good experience as mobile apps.

You can enhance your sales by developing mobile apps for your business. It can become a powerful tool to boost your sales and give you many benefits such as:

  • Build a strong brand image
  • Raise your customer engagement
  • Boost up the sales
  • Increase your ROI

5. Internet of Things

The Internet has transformed our lives drastically and has reshaped every field. It has added many benefits for the sales and marketing teams. Now, the companies can gather information and customer data through the IoT devices and applications. We just don’t need to rely on the research and comprehensive market analysis.

Using the IoT has made it easier to identify the customer requirements and pain points. Companies can understand and study their client’s behaviour and make strategies accordingly. This can help the sales technology to enhance the customer experience and get better ROI. The IoT data can be used by the sales team for targeting, data analysis, and process automation.

6. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) can help to enhance the customer’s digital experience. Visuals have an enormous impact to propel the sales growth, VR and AR technologies can help with that.

As the technology is advancing the customer preferences are changing. The online presence of the customers have increased in the past few years. According to research, “AR solutions quickly gain traction with the augmented reality market to generate up to $75 billion in revenue by 2023.”

In this digital era and due to the pandemic, online platforms have gained popularity. Customers are preferring to do online shopping and want the best experience. AR and VR can help e-commerce offer better interactive and virtual product experience for customers. Thus, AR and VR can help to increase the conversion rate.

The Bottom line

As the technology and sales conversion tactics are advancing the sales and marketing processes are transforming. This has brought many benefits for lead generation as well as the sales and marketing teams. Simultaneously, the customer demands and the competition in the market is also increasing. To stand out among your competitors you must use the sales technology trends.

There are many sales technologies that have emerged such as AI, IoT technology, CRM solutions, mobile solutions and VR etc.These sales technologies can automate your sales and marketing processes and improve efficiency. Thus, the companies can get improved engagement with enhanced customer experience and secure more deals.

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