The B2B Marketing Ignite 2019 Expo is less than a week away, bringing in top Thought leaders and Industry practitioners to get inspired by the latest Marketing trends and market conditions.  With, more than 1500 fired up Delegates, 83 Speakers, 66 Sessions and 8 Content Streams, this year’s B2B Marketing Ignite is a must attend event for every B2B Marketer looking to reinvigorate and re-energise their Marketing horizon. Here are some of the top unmissable sessions to look forward to:

# Marketing and the need to think different.

Rory Sutherland – Vice Chairman, Ogilvy

One of the reasons why there may be so little growth in business is that people are looking at it the wrong way. Marketers, for all their failings, can bring a unique and complementary frame which can see progress and profit where accountants and number-crunchers can’t.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why B2B decisions are less rational than everyone thinks – and why B2B brands may be more important than we assume
  • Why it pays to optimise backwards
  • Why you don’t need a media budget to do great advertising
  • The most sensible solution often isn’t the best

# Breaking down the silos across the top of funnel: A new way for B2B marketers to orchestrate customer acquisition

Jeremy Bloom – CEO, Integrate | Chris Wickson – General Manager,  Akkroo

There was a day when B2B marketers used several systems to store their customer records. Today, they have centralized those records onto a single CRM platform. There was a day when B2B marketers worked across several platforms and teams to nurture prospects. Today, they have unified their nurturing activities in Marketing Automation platforms. The final frontier of unification is across the channels marketers are leveraging to generate prospect engagement and acquire customers.

Learn how top B2B marketers are beginning to connect the top of the funnel in new and innovative ways.

# The paradox of agile and strategic ABM

Waheed Warden EMEIA ABM & DBM Lead, Fujitsu | Andrea Clatworthy Head of ABM EMEIA, Fujitsu

ABM is a long term strategy for growing specific accounts – but as customers adapt to their new normal of rapidly changing business needs, how can strategic ABM align and help you remain relevant?

Working at the pace of your customer has never been more important, and flexing what you do in response to their needs is paramount in ABM planning & execution. Now, using agile principles in ABM to anticipate and respond to customer needs quicker – and before they recognise them – can give you a trusted role in their transformation.  In this session, Andrea and Waheed will share their latest innovation of Agile ABM at Fujitsu.  Explore how they’ve taken an established ABM program, added a healthy splash of agile thinking and transformed their ABM operation to be customer relevant in real-time, while maintaining the integrity of a longer term, strategic approach.

Delegates will benefit from the following insights:

  • Building an Agile ABM approach:  Practical Guidelines on how to be agile and strategic in parallel
  • Using always-on insight to inform the velocity of your agile approach
  • Techniques and principles to foster swift decision making and faster time to market
  • How to adapt ABM Methodologies to reduce ambiguity and lead customers with clarity of purpose and intent

# Managing your bloody stakeholders: The single most important success factor in B2B marketing

Doug Kessler – Creative Director & Co-Founder,Velocity Partners Ltd

We all have stakeholders approving, rejecting and reviewing our work. The choice is simple: actively manage them and there’s almost nothing you can’t accomplish. Or leave it to chance and see your best ideas die a slow (or not-so-slow) death.

You’ll learn:

  • Why stakeholder management is so critical
  • How to get them aligned before you show any work
  • How to build cases and design experiments
  • How to turn stakeholder equity into great work

# How marketing professionals can harness AI for business growth

Katie King – Managing Director and Author, Zoodikers

There is a huge amount of hype surrounding AI, as it’s in the Gartner phase of ‘peak of inflated expectation.’ By comparison, Katie King will share the evidence and insights drawn from the extensive research she conducted for her new business book.

During her Keynote, Katie will share these real-world examples, both successes and failures, as well as practical implementation strategies.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How automation, machine learning, robots and globalisation are rapidly changing the workplace
  • How AI is being used to solve B2B challenges for example improving CX and honing lead generation
  • Who the key vendors of AI in B2B marketing are and how to choose wisely
  • How banks, airlines, B2B ecommerce companies, law firms and many others are using AI for personalised marketing and for augmented intelligence
  • How AI related macro issues such as motivation, job losses, ethics, and trust will impact marketing

There are 66 sessions and 83 speakers that will deliver all of the hows, whats and whys, on their opinion to the forefront of the B2BMarketing industry! Don’t miss your chance to have their ultimate learning experience.  See you there!

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