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Precise Targeting for Next-Gen
Marketers with Surveys

With Survey-based Lead Generation, VSynergize helps you engage with prospects from your target accounts. Our in depth surveys help you understand where the prospect is in their buyer journey so your sales team can build the best strategy to  approach them.

 After understanding your exact buyer persona we create a survey to specifically understand your target markets interests, goals and current needs with Custom Data Builds that is accurate and human verified.

Our surveys are email-driven, incentive-based and custom-designed based on your needs and goals.
We help you solve the challenges of:

  • Discovering the right audience
  • Identifying their pain points
  • Engaging with prospect

We know that the B2B purchasing journey is notoriously long and arduous, as research shows that more than 3/4ths B2B buyers describe their purchasing journey as very complex or challenging.  And according to Google Research from Jan. 2021, this complexity accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic, as business priorities shifted.

With Surveys, here is how you can generate leads in 5 simple steps:

We know Lead Generation

  • We do Demand Generation beyond Surveys
  • We understand your business goals
  • We delivering accurate, high level contact information
  • We personalised and custom-design
  • We have a streamlined delivery process
  • We have a 21+ repertoire of successful campaigns

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