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Voice Verified Leads

We are a B2B Lead Generation company that specializes in voice verified leads and are leaders in the business. We make sure our leads are high quality and completely reliable. Our B2B Lead Generation services and their team of trained professionals ensure every lead is real by contacting the leads and qualifying them through a series of relevant questions. We make sure that you are reaching out to only those clients that are genuinely interested in getting contacted.

Result oriented list ready for you

As a B2B Lead Generation Company, we can take care of your inbound or outward calls or even a 360-degree lead generation campaign with our expertise and exclusive resources. Whether you have a list ready or are looking to create an exclusive list, we will make sure with our extensive network that you have a result oriented list on your hands, just the way you want.

Two factor voice authentication

Our two factor voice authentication makes sure you can have more qualified and real leads for your products and services, exclusive to you, so you can pursue a market with more advanced leads.


Telemarketing is not as difficult as it sounds. There are certain obvious yet important things telemarketers should do, they should have a knack for calling, research your prospects thoroughly and lastly should have complete faith in the product or service to sound convincing enough to convince the prospect. If you do not believe in the product or service then it will be an impossible venture of you trying to sell your services. Telemarketing skill involves doing certain things in the right way and doubling your prospects.
Live Call Transfer Leads is a type of lead generation where calls are passed on to your sales agents in real-time. Sound too good to be true. This is how it works: leads are qualified through a number of means (including online), then authorized person call these leads to begin the conversation and further qualify the prospects. Here are 7 demonstrated facts that why Live Call Transfer Leads are attractive alternative than Online Leads.

  • They are immediate
  • Guaranteed interest
  • Guaranteed contact
  • Leads are pre-qualified
  • Leads are “warmed up”
  • Free up your time
  • Grow your sales

Verified leads are sensuality processes containing go information as well known as appointment, fastidious mailing try, e-mail study, put a call through numbers, and other actual data is gathered and recorded by the handle provider company.

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