VSynergize helped Asian retail giant develop a lead generation process  and delivered 7X conversions

The client is a leading supplier beauty, health and fitness products largest retail network in South-East Asia, with agencies in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, China, Thailand, and Australia. They aim to be the world’s leading innovator and trend-setter for fitness, health and beauty products enabling individuals to perform their personal best and live life to the fullest.


The client wanted to generate demand for products in the UAE. While they have a strong Asian brand presence, they were still growing brand awareness in the UAE —requiring a reliance on relationships and referrals to fill the sales pipeline. After a few internal attempts to fill the top of the funnel, the client recognized the need to bring in an experienced lead generation team. The client was looking for a cost effective way to penetrate a market like UAE. They wanted us to generate demand for their products as well as build a sales and marketing engine to establish a sales pipeline


VSynergize offered very competitive rates and landed the project with the client. This was the client’s first outsourcing project and had to be shown the benefits of outbound telemarketing services. VSynergize recognized during the discovery phase that the client’s message wasn’t resonating with a UAE. audience, so a new top-of-funnel message was created and a targeted plan was created.

VSynergize ramped up and set up a team exclusively for the client, where they selected the agents and trained them. A call script was provided to every agent, where the customer required us to:

  • Call prospects and inform them about the company’s hot selling products. Our outbound telemarketing agents were to urge customers to buy the products.
  • Generate a huge number of leads to enable customer to follow up and close on sales.

Depending on the prospect’s level of engagement, our agents qualified leads and handed them off to the client’s sales team or added them to the pilot lead nurturing campaign. We also defined a clear lead handoff process to ensure consistent follow-up.

“It’s really freed our people up to concentrate on the targets we’re going after and also manage their existing business to a greater extent. It allowed our sales people, especially the newer ones, to grow quicker than they would have.”   – Client Sales Head


With the 3 months lead generation program coming to an end, there was a 7X conversion rate; more than three-times the anticipated benchmark rate.

Even more important, the client’s sales pipeline became very strong, and started achieving ROI. This allowed the client to strategically distribute existing marketing content and reach their target buyers more effectively.

VSynergize helped the client build an automated lead nurturing process from the ground up, filling the gaps and connected the dots between the client’s sales and marketing strategy, people, processes and technology to establish a sustainable top-of-funnel sales pipeline. Our deep understanding of how marketing and sales impact lead generation enabled us to optimize the existing sales team’s capabilities and allowed the client to more effectively engage potential customers and generate more leads.

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