Vsynergize helps Crypto Exchanges Improve Customer Service

Vsynergize helps Crypto Exchanges Improve Customer Service and force Multiply Revenues

Are you planning to start your own cryptocurrency exchange platform with the top notch customer service? Then, let us give you a brief on how you can take the first step and provide the best customer support.

What is Cryptocurrency exchange platform?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms where individuals can purchase and offer cryptocurrency. While some crypto exchanges just support a predetermined number of digital and traditional currencies, for instance exchanging platforms that enable individuals to purchase and sell Bitcoin for USD, others enable individuals to trade numerous cryptocurrencies, for example, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Dash.

Today, there are as of now around 200 cryptocurrency exchanges and exchangers on the planet. Also, it isn’t a breaking point has been come to yet. In this way, consider the possibility that the following phase of the crypto market advancement is the blast of cryptocurrency trends. Assuming this is the case, how might we benefit from that? Maybe open your own trade.

How to start your own Cryptocurrency exchange?

Starting a cryptocurrency exchange involves six basic steps:

  • Decide where you want to do business
    Regardless of whether you need to work all globally or restrict yourself to a particular district or nation, you will more often than not be required to get important permitting and endorsements for your organization to open a cryptocurrency trade as indicated by your operational degree.
  • Learn about relevant regulations in that area
    All legislatures require substances which are associated with the currency trade business to stick to the Know Your Customer (KYC) standards. KYC is the procedure whereby a business checks the character of its clients through government-provided ID cards or travel papers. Ensure you cling to your nation’s KYC standards and incorporate an appropriate client verification strategy into your exchange.
  • Partner with a bank or payment processor
    You should join forces with a bank or payment provider to process payments by means of fiat money. Picking a trustworthy bank with a large group of online facilities is a decent decision. Adding & withdrawing of fiat funds can be robotized through payment gateway or even should be possible by a manual settlement.
  • Set up a transaction history and liquidity on the trade
    New trades normally experience liquidity issues. You can set up the liquidity by exchanging activities within your trade by purchasing and selling between two artificial records, or implement an API interface or join an entire system of cryptocurrency trades.
  • Implement best security practices
    Any trade needs top-notch security to guarantee that both the trade operator’s and his trader’s funds stay secure. This ought to likewise apply to your clients’ private data which includes their KYC points of interest and financial balance data. The primary takeaway: Security must be the best need inside your exchange.
  • Offer customer support
    Finally, customer support is another essential part of a successful exchange. Staff is required for approving KYC asks for, answering client grievances, preparing the deposit and withdrawal of fiat cash, and so forth. A quick client support system guarantees you’re your customer start exchanging and generate revenue for you exchange from the exact second he has joined.

How can VSynergize help you?

On the off chance that a client gets incredible help from a team then they turn into a long haul potential, and long-haul potential is critical for any effective cryptocurrency platform. Here, VSynergize can help you by giving the instant and quick help to your clients.

You can totally depend on us for client bolster area. At VSynergize we are well trained to utilize Freshdesk and Zendesk which are trouble ticketing solutions utilized by major cryptocurrency exchanges.

We help many cryptocurrency exchange platforms in terms of,

  • Good customer support
  • Quick technical solution
  • Login issue
  • Missing BTC packages
  • Missing commissions
  • Turning off Google authenticator
  • Signing under the wrong sponsor
  • Security Questions
  • Payment of the wrong amount
  • Pending packages and
  • some voided orders

If your customers are cheerful then you are successful in your business which ultimately doubles your revenue. It is said that the upbeat clients are key to any successful business. Outsourcing your customer support service to VSynergize can significantly reduce your time, efforts, and expenses.

Either way, if you have any questions regarding cryptocurrency exchange platform or even counterintuitive truths to share, shoot us an email or call on 855-203-8196.

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