Founded in Denmark, the client is a leading independent review platform – free and open to all. With more than 50 million reviews of over 240,000 companies, the client gives people a place to share and discover reviews of businesses, while giving every business the tools to turn consumer feedback into business results.


With the increase in internet penetration, online social platforms have undergone an important change in recent years; reshaping how consumers buy or engage with businesses and brands. Instead of relying exclusively on traditional word of mouth, consumers get online to review or to read reviews before making a buying decision.

VSynergize was got on board to help the client with two major benefits:

  1. Build a database with contacts for the named accounts and provide additional data and intelligence on what people are searching on and are interested in.
  2. Craft lead generation and marketing programs to specifically target what prospects were searching for online


To ensure the 3 months project was completed successfully as per the specifications offered by the client:

  • VSynergize pulled together a team that was trained to work on the project in the short timeframe provided. The team was broken down into smaller groups to focus on database building, lead generation, quality control and marketing campaigns
  • From a marketing perspective, we worked on campaigns with topics that resonated and influenced what content should be created for demand generation and nurturing programs. We then tailored according to industry, account, client or different types of competitive material.
  • The process set by the client was augmented to streamline the working model and ensure completion within budget and timeframe

“VSynergize provided us with a source of new data and leads to nurture because those leads came with active intent intelligence. We’ve learned that with VSynergize, we’re hitting the decision makers, so it’s a higher quality lead.”   – Client Sales Head


VSynergize helped the client add thousands of contacts to the database who were actively researching to engage with their business. The sooner they started conversations the better they influenced their customers in the buying process.

We were able to pass hundreds of score-qualified leads from named accounts that the client did not have before. The volume and quality of MQLs increased with an engagement with VSynergize.

The project was approached with double effort to ensure it was completed within the deadline provided.

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