According to the Social Security Administration, 56 million Americans live with disabilities, and moreover 38 million disabled Americans live with severe disabilities. The sobering fact for 20-year-olds, insured for disability benefits, is that more than 1-in-4 of them becomes disabled before reaching retirement age. As a result, they may need to rely on the Social Security disability benefits for income support. Despite the number of disabled, only 9 million or so people have availed Social Security disability benefit.

If your law firm is considering to start or expand to a social security disability practise, it is a lucrative practice for your firm. There are many reasons why there is need for legal representation for Social Security Disability, as the numbers are growing. A few important factors have caused an increase in the number of social security disability applications:

  • Social Security’s retirement age has gone up from 65 to 66, which may seem a small fraction; but is a significant rise for those in the age range.
  • Women now qualify for disability benefits more frequently.  This has caused a huge increase in the number of women applying and qualifying for SSD benefits.
  • The baby boom generation, a huge part of the American population is getting older. Statistics show that people are roughly twice as likely to be disabled at age 50 as they are at age 40, and twice as likely to be disabled at age 60 as at age 50 – the number of disability cases has risen

All the above reasons, state that there is a greater need for legal representation to get SSD benefits. The key to long term success inthe SSD space is access to a high quality and cost effective SSD lead source. In the competitive practice of law, you need to make sure that you are keeping up with the changes in the market, understand how the competition is evolving and stay ahead to win the game.

Another crucial aspect is ensuring that you have the necessary staff to follow up with each lead, multiple time; and that can be done efficiently and effectively by outsourcing your lead generation. Follow up is a very important aspect of handling SSD cases, which many times is not given much focus.

What separates VSynergize from other lead providers is our ability to customize every aspect of our client’s needs to help ensure that they receive the best ROI.

Get Qualified Leads

We give you qualified legal case leads in real time. We filter out our leads based on age and work status; along with:

  • If they have already applied for SSD benefits
  • Description of disability and physical/mental limitations
  • If an attorney is already helping with the case, and more.

The result is a more qualified SSD lead that is more likely to become a client.


VSynergize leads are exclusive. You’ll be connected with a claimant immediately, and you can rest assured that our leads aren’t sent to any of your competitors.

Customised targeted leads

Our Social Security leads are customizable – high quality leads that are specifically targeted to your service area. Whether you are looking to target a specific age or state, we tailor our campaigns to fit your needs! Available in all 50 states.

Vsynergize is here if you are considering to make Social Security Disability a focus for your firm. We can provide you with quality SSD leads and grow your Social Security practice affordably.  Reach out to us today by simply giving us a call on +1-732-481-9424 or email at We will be glad to assist you.

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