The client is a US based company that empowers B2B Marketers with an all-in-one solution to achieve lead generation success with content. They provide lead generation solutions to enterprise-level Fortune 500 companies as well as a go to platform for small to mid-level businesses worldwide.


With awareness of the content syndication cycle, the client wanted to seek vendors that could leverage their customer’s content to drive demand and funnel leads into the sales pipeline. In an effort to drive additional awareness about new content, to increase revenue through engagement, the client got VSynergize on board to jointly design a content distribution program for their customers that can efficiently utilize budgets, provide with advanced tools for campaign management,  run optimised campaigns and deliver maximum ROI with competitive Cost-Per-Leads.


VSynergize committed to executing content syndication campaign over a two month span to test the effectiveness of utilizing the distribution network to promote content and to determine what would be the optimal tempo of content promotion for the client moving forward.

As part of the design and kick-off process of the trial, the content developers and marketing communications team participated in an intensive training session with the client customer content team. The team put together focuses on creatives and editing to ensure that content distributed follows the best practices and delivers best overall results. VSynergize was able to build best practice guidelines specifically for the client around content creating, distribution and audience targeting. These guidelines are update and maintained based on evaluation of key metrics throughout partnership till date.

Relevant multimedia images were distributed as part of the overall strategy to drive maximum visibility and traffic to target webpages. Each marketing collateral contained a specific call to action for their target audience, ranging from viewing a specific page, download link to a whitepaper, eBook or a report, or joining a trial for a new product platform.

To improve overall tracking, each link was monitored through a marketing automation software. This allowed the team to track and measure a variety of distributed content and announcements, including new products, existing reports and content, downloads, etc. Once a lead entered the client’s CRM, they went through the email nurture cycle, where regular emails were delivered and offered targeted content – webinar invitations, videos, demo requests. An interest would qualify as an SQL.

“Clients have ideas on what their positions are in the market and where they want their communications efforts to focus. With VSynergize, we get a clear picture of their actual position in the marketplace and what their audience is interested in, which gives us a foundation for recommendations we pitch to them – goal development, competitive analysis and tangible ROI.”                                                    

Client Sales Head


The client was pleased with the hassle free and all in one content syndication solution. VSynergize produced quality and quantity of leads required by the client’s customers, resulting in a 52% renewal rate.

The reporting feature provided full transparency into content performance – this control and ability to regulate on-demand was helpful to the client, especially in the early stages of developing a content syndication strategy and overall business strategy.

VSynergize exceeded expectations in each of the three key areas that the client was evaluating – increased engagement, increased brand awareness and revenue creation.

Our deep understanding of how marketing and sales impacts lead generation enabled us to optimize the content syndication campaigns and allowed the client to more effectively engage potential customers and generate more revenue.


Across the globe, VSynergize has developed partnerships and supplied services that boost sales growth through database building, marketing campaigns, & appointment setting. These advances enable any company, in any industry to improve marketing campaigns and grow sales revenue. VSynergize is consistently blazing past phenomenal benchmarks of appointment generation & pipeline growth.

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